Passionate for History? Start from Here


Do you spend your days pondering over Herodotus’s musings on ancient Greek history? Or perhaps, you’re fascinated by tales of Egyptian pharaohs and their mindboggling practices? History opens up a wealth of fascinating stories from all over the world. It’s a subject that keeps us fascinated and hooked with the study of human evolution and its achievements.

A passion for history encourages the love for reading, adventure, exploring, discovering, solving problems, and seeking answers. Learning about ancient civilizations and eras gone by makes us appreciative of our heritage, enriching us with knowledge. We can reflect this knowledge with intellectually stimulating dinner table conversations and through our academic and career pursuits.

But, how does one nurture their passion for a subject as rich and diverse as history? It’s simple: embrace it academically and professionally, or maintain your passion as a hobby to invest your time in constructive endeavors.

There’s much you can do to immerse yourself in your love for history. Keep reading to explore some incredible ideas.

Pursue it Academically

Why do we stress so much on job security and financial stability while choosing a significant and mapping our academic journey? Millions of students worldwide end up switching their majors after making this decision solely for monetary reasons. Your education is not just a vehicle for financial growth but also a pursuit of passion and knowledge.

If you have a passion for history, you owe yourself academic accolades to celebrate your knowledge and awareness in this discipline. Think of the possibilities, for a degree in history will bring you closer to everything you love. For instance, you can become a historian, a history teacher, a college professor, a museum technician, a researcher, or an archaeologist.

Pursuing a bachelor of arts in history online allows you to build a lucrative career and fuel your growth with knowledge. The e-learning infrastructure allows ample convenience, affordability, and accessibility to switch careers and pursue higher education. The academic pursuit of history strengthens communication skills and cognition by compelling learners to engage in analytical thinking and reasoning.

You can embark on a career as a historian, devoting your time to writing and research endeavors. If history is where your passions are, your academic journey is brimming with pleasant, mind-altering surprises. You see, history opens up a broad array of other subjects that contribute to character and personality development, enriching students with leadership skills.

Explore. Discover. Experience

History buffs adore traveling to feast their eyes on the historical heritage they have read about so extensively. Nothing is more profound and powerful than standing amidst the Pyramids of Giza to supplement your learning of the Egyptian burial sites.

Similarly, witnessing the grandeur of the legendary masterpieces created by Renaissance artists is more magical than reading about their crafts. Our world is brimming with the splendors of historical heritage, ranging from remnants of ancient settlements to art, architecture, and more. All enthusiasts of history must travel far and wide to reignite and refuel their passion by exploring, discovering, and experiencing history.

It’s hard to explore heritage sites all over the world, but you can always set priorities. For instance, if Mayan history fascinates you, head off to South America and experience it firsthand. Likewise, European history buffs have much to explore, for the entire continent is laden with medieval castles, battlegrounds, dungeons, and architectural masterpieces.

Devour Historic Literature

Much like all disciplines, history is constantly embracing the additions of new findings and revelations. Some may believe that history is stagnant and immune to innovation. Reading is the best trick to keep the passion alive and continue fueling your knowledge and awareness.

As discoveries make waves almost every day, that’s hardly true, adding to existing findings on archeological sites and historical narratives. Therefore, it’s crucial to devour historical literature and continue expanding your knowledge with new insights. We advise enthusiasts to start each year with an extensive reading list filled with bestsellers and ancient manuscripts.

Tune into Cinematic Experiences

If you’re a history buff, your Netflix and Prime Video feeds are likely brimming with historical movies, documentaries, and TV shows. Tuning into cinematic experiences depicting gripping historical narratives is endlessly enjoyable. Some would argue that watching history play out on the screen is much more immersive than reading books. We wholeheartedly agree!

Don’t get us wrong, we love books, but a good history TV show allows us to connect with the narrative. It’s like being transported into a different era. The enthralling sets, gorgeous costumes, and gripping battle scenes will enable us to experience the essence of the story. Often, teachers advise history students to see movies depicting the French Revolution or the Second World War.

These movies and TV shows add to our understanding by offering realistic exposure to what may have happened. We urge you to binge-watch Domina, the riveting tale of Livia Drusilla – the most powerful queen in the Roman Empire.

Promote your Local Heritage

Do you want to use your passion for history to give back to your local community? Here’s an excellent idea: start a club, society, or even a social media platform to celebrate your local heritage. This fabulous idea allows you to turn the spotlight on your local community and emerge as a historian.

You can use social media as a tool to channel your talents as a historian, writer, researcher, and photographer. However, first, you must conduct extensive research and compile your information into chronological timelines.

For this purpose, you will need primary and secondary research. The local library will provide you ample information on the earliest settlements, immigrants, and ancient structures. Then, you can conduct interviews with the oldest residents to gain their perspectives and narratives.

It’s an exciting project that will help you raise awareness around the local heritage sites and advance your career.


A passion for history opens up a wealth of career prospects for enthusiasts who’re dedicated to research and discovery. For instance, you can carve out an exciting career as an archeologist working on ancient sites, leading explorations and discoveries. Or you can infect young minds with your history buff as an animated teacher who inspires a love for the subject.

Academic education opens up lucrative pursuits for avid history researchers with problem-solving and analytical reasoning capabilities. It all boils down to where your interests lie and how much you’re willing to invest in your passions. The ideas mentioned above will help immerse yourself in your love for this subject.

Even if you don’t want to pursue it professionally, historical explorations and discoveries will contribute to personal and professional growth. Don’t hold yourself back from these pursuits as they add meaning and value to our lives.