14 Celebrities With Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tattoos

Justin Bieber

#1. Justin Bieber’s arm looks like a smoke cloud vomited ugliness on some prepubescent guy’s arm.

Shocker, Justin Bieber landed on a “worst of” list. To his credit, he certainly belongs on here with that collection of garbage ink on his skinny-ish body. And yes, we know all “art” is personal beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Bieber is a class A douche, but c’mon, man.

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The Biebs isn’t alone in his tattoo idiocy. Not by a long shot. And since we’ve already highlighted regular everyday human beings that have awful tattoos, we wanted to highlight the people we see in gossip magazines (yeah, we read them from time to time), on TMZ, on our televisions, and — in Bieber’s case — in the bowels of our nightmares. Why? Because celebrities deserve special treatment, dammit! Let’s start with the obvious …


#2. Hey, wait! That tat on Chris Brown’s neck looks a little like … oh man. Forget it.

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