47 Of The Worst Tattoos Of All Time


Americans spend $1.65 billion on tattoos annually. The percentage of people with tats is at about 14 percent, with 40 percent of that coming in the 26-40 age bracket. (There are no statistics on how many people get their tattoos after a long night of boozing, but our guess is it’s in the .5 to one percentile.) Why are we telling you this? Because that’s a lot of freaking people getting their bodies inked.

Yeah, we know tattoos are about artistic expression and all, but the novelty wears off. How do we know? Because 11 percent of people with tattoos get them removed. It’s hard to believe that when you look at the tattoo of Raphael (or is that Michelangelo?) on that dude’s nose. How on earth could he possibly get tired of looking at that?

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The good news for us is that people love taking tattoos of their awful tattoos and sharing them on this little thing called “the internet” — maybe you’ve heard of it? And by doing so they provide people like us the ability to laugh at their expense. For that, we thank them and celebrate the worst tattoos of all time.

*All stats from statisticsbrain.com