10 Of The Worst Tattoos In Pro Wrestling History [Photo Gallery]


Sure, Dave Bautista — known as Batista when he was a pro wrestler — has hit it big with his role as Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. But beneath the blue makeup and machismo is an awful sun tattoo that circles his belly button. The Batista tattoo, as we’ve come to call it, is something personal, we’re sure. And we understand that the ink is meant to be personal artistic expression representative of the individual’s ability to pay a person with a steady hand and an ink-filled needle to draw on their body, but a sun around the belly button? Really? Turns out, Batista isn’t the only wrestler with a dumb tattoo. In fact, it’s not the worst tattoo by a longshot. Between WCW and WWF, er, WWE,  there are plenty of bad tats to be seen …

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