10 Amazing Football Stadiums … Made From Food

football stadiums

If you plan to stay home and watch the Seahawks beat play the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, your priority when it comes to in-game eating and drinking is most likely beer, booze, and on a rare occasion, a cocktail mixed with beer and booze. Oh, and you’ll eat snack food. Plenty of snack food.

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And while we don’t expect you to actually take the time to replicate any of these football stadiums in these photos that are made out of food — we’re betting the over that you have a life — there’s nothing wrong with gawking at pics of gastronomic talent and cherry picking a few ideas to spruce up your spread for Sunday.


10 Amazing Super Bowl Stadiums … Made Out Of Food meat

#2. Animal Flesh Stadium
Look at the detail! There’s the tangible (and probably edible) goal posts; the turkey-covered walkway and cheese stick columns; and they even included the one angry Frito chip in the nosebleeds complaining about his seat. And thankfully, no animals were injured during the construction of this stadium.