6 Ways To Soothe A Sore Throat

sore throat remedies

Whether it’s from allergies or a common cold, a sore throat can leave you irritable and severely uncomfortable. While there’s no cure aside from using Patrick Swayze’s Dalton-style throat rip, which of course would leave you dead, you’re stuck looking for ways to suppress the awfulness of a sore throat. These natural remedies can help do just that.

water for sore throat#1. Drink More Water | Poland Spring Bottled Water, 16.9 oz, 35-Count ($20 @ Amazon.com)
You’re looking to drink water so your urine is light yellow or clear. The problem is that you might drink so much water that you have to take a leak every 90 seconds. What the hydration does is keep mucous membranes moist, which enables your body to better combat bacteria.

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tea for sore throat#2. Drink More Tea | Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) ($21 @ Amazon.com)
non-herbal teas—whether they’re made with black, green, or white leaves—contain antioxidants that are thought to strengthen immunity and ward off infection. add honey.

honey for sore throat#3. Snack On Honey | YS Organic Bee Farms – Clover Honey Pure Premium – 32 oz. ($14 @ Amazon.com)
Sucking on some honey will help coat your throat. Plus, honey has some antibacterial properties.