Plan a Travel Themed Party with These Simple Tips


Ask people what they’ve missed most in the past year-and-a-half of COVID, and many people will offer the same answer: travel. As governments worldwide closed their borders to outsiders, avid adventurers had to make do with seeing the world from their TV screens and phones.

And the pandemic has proved to be resilient in the past few months, forestalling hopes for resumed international travel with a renewed “fourth wave.” It can feel disheartening at times.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for travel to resume to see the world. If you’re itching for adventure, you can bring the world to your home with an international travel-themed party.

In this post, let’s explore a few ways to add international flair to your next party with the guys.

Send “Passports” or “Tickets”

Invitations are a great opportunity to introduce your theme to the guests. Instead of crafting a boilerplate invitation, reinforce the travel theme by making it look like a passport or plane ticket.

If you’re going the passport route, find a picture of each guest (it doesn’t have to be flattering) and paste it on a passport template, with all the party information (date, time, location) in the fields to the right. If you’re creating plane ticket invitations, put the time and date of the party in the “departure time” field and the location in the “destination” field.

Order Food Delivery from an Array of Local Restaurants

According to scientists, taste and memory are inextricably tied in the brain. Therefore, food is probably the best way to evoke a far-flung destination.

Order a wide array of cuisines from local delivery kitchens and lay them out on a long table, buffet-style. If you want to ensure that the food arrives hot and fresh (because no one likes cold, limp tacos), go with a community-based food delivery platform like getREEF that can travel food to your door in 30 minutes or less. The platform is also delivery fee-free, so you don’t have to worry about fees piling up when you order from several different restaurants.

Craft the Perfect Playlist

If taste is the most evocative sense, hearing is a close second. In particular, human memory is intimately tied to music. To transport guests abroad, choose music that fits your destination(s).

Make a playlist on your streaming app of choice that includes location-appropriate tunes. Alternately, check out Radio Garden online; the site lets you choose a destination on the map, then plays the radio station from that locale.

Boarding the Flights

Why not capitalize on the dual meaning of “Flights”: 1) an airplane trip abroad, and 2) a sampling of drinks, usually beer. Grab a variety of international beers from a local store and line them up alongside the delivery food you order. You can find sample-size beer glasses online or simply use shot glasses to dole out the global suds.

It may be some time until international travel resumes as usual. In the meantime, gather some buddies together, order an eclectic menu from local delivery kitchens and see the world from the comfort of an awesome party.