Popular Libido Enhancers

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There is a variety of reasons for flagging sexual desire. Health conditions, changing hormones and stress all play a role in a person’s libido levels. By assessing the cause of the issue, a treatment plan can be figured out. Remedies exist for a number of causes and they work differently.


Throughout history, people believed that many types of foods have a role in increasing the desire and ability to perform sexually. One of the most popular foods to hold that role today is chocolate. It has been featured in numerous studies to determine how and why it works. Although the results may not always be conclusive, as long as there are no allergies involved, it cannot hurt to give it a try. It is a great excuse to have a little treat. Berries and strawberries are also popular, and since they are full of nutrients, it may not be far off the mark. After all, someone with a healthy diet and exercise routine is more likely to have fewer problems in bed than someone who does not take care of themself.


Both men and women experience hormonal changes as they age. If this is the case, it is best to consult a doctor to find out exactly what is going on and create a treatment plan together. There are numerous treatments available, including PT-141, which works for both genders. How does PT-141 work? It boosts desire through the nervous system by increasing dopamine production.


Toys are a wonderful way to spice things up in the bedroom, and they can also be used to assist with issues such as erectile dysfunction or low sex drive in women. Tension rings are worn at the base of the penis and restrict blood flow in order to produce or maintain an erection. Pumps can also be used to assist in the creation of an erection. Sometimes, fading desire can indicate boredom. As bodies change through the aging process, things that worked wonderfully before are no longer effective. Using toys to experiment with new methods can bring back the desire to have sex again.

There are still ways to have an active and enjoyable sex life even if libido falls. By paying attention to the body’s signals it is possible to discover things before they become a problem and attend to them appropriately. With the help of a caring partner and a good doctor, treatments can be effective for both men and women.