6 Grooming Products That’ll Help Prevent Hair Loss Before It’s Too Late

PropeciaProduct: Propecia (DHT inhibitor), available by prescription only

What it does: Propecia is the only FDA-approved pill proven to treat male pattern baldness on the top and middle-front of the head. (It’s yet to be proven to work on hair at the temples.) Studies show that more than 80 percent of users retain the hair they had when they started taking Propecia because it blocks the formation of DHT — a hormone that triggers hair loss.

Who should use it: Guys who want to keep the head of hair they have, and who’d rather take a pill than apply a topical medication. Side effects can include lowered libido, weight gain, and disrupted sleep, so it’s also perfect for scrawny, narcoleptic sex addicts!

Price: Propecia generally costs $2-3 per pill, but your insurance may cover some or all of that.