6 Grooming Products That’ll Help Prevent Hair Loss Before It’s Too Late

best grooming products for balding men
No guy wants to go bald. Sure, some guys who have hair shave their heads so that they appear bald — but that’s a choice. And other guys accept going bald without a fight. But they don’t have to.

Hair loss doesn’t occur because you never took off your hat in college, or because you eat poorly, or because of mysterious gypsy magic. Genetics is the main factor that determines hair loss, and there’s not much you can do about your genes. (Thanks a lot, Grandpa!)

If you notice your hair thinning, you can try products like Propecia that will slow your loss. Or products like Rogaine that’ll actually re-grow your hair. Or a host of others. You just need to know which work and which don’t. Read on.