Pros and Cons of Having Sex When You’re High


Is sex better when you’re high?

Should you get cannabis seeds at the seed bank and grow a large bud batch for your bedroom adventures? Or is it better to stay clear-headed while fooling around? The answer is unique for every person.

Some tokers claim everything tastes, smells, and feels better post-consumption. They consider marijuana and lovemaking a winning combination, but others say their attempts at intoxicated intercourse were sloppy and confusing. They prefer to save their blunt for post-coital bliss.

Learning what works for you takes trial and error, but other people’s experiences can help. Let’s dive into the positives and negatives of weed for sex, according to science and anecdotes.

How Does Cannabis Affect Sex?

Research on cannabis and physical pleasure is limited, but general studies on marijuana aren’t. Here’s what we can conclude by examining the plant’s dominant chemicals:

  • THC is psychoactive and intoxicating. It alters your perception of time and space and triggers the production of dopamine, a feel-good hormone that promotes pleasure. It’s sedating in higher doses.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and potentially highly therapeutic. It’s said to relieve pain and anxiety and increase alertness.

Does this mean sex is better when you’re high?

For the most part, CBD is a safe bet. While not earth-shattering, it’s worth a shot if a specific issue hinders your enjoyment—particularly stress, pain, or self-consciousness.

The effects can go either way with THC. A puff may send you to the seventh heaven, or you could feel too lazy or intoxicated to enjoy yourself. Sex is personal; so is the body’s interaction with this cannabinoid. Everything from dose to strain, partner, and setting affects the outcome.

Let’s see which advantages and disadvantages tokers often report.

Sex While High: The Positives

Why is sex better when you’re high? Here are the explanations of weed enthusiasts.

Released Inhibitions

Plenty of strains make you less socially anxious and more self-confident. They encourage you to play around without inhibitions and concerns. If you’re nervous before hitting the sheets with a partner, a puff might result in the most fun you’ve had in a while.

Increased Sexual Desire

Two independent surveys showed that many tokers experience a libido boost after consuming marijuana. For them, the flower is sex-enhancing, increasing their desire for touch and helping them enjoy physical contact. They also feel closer to their partners after sharing a blunt, making it easier to initiate sexual activities.

Increased Sensitivity

Aches and pains prevent many from having fun in the bedroom. Since weed reduces pain, it eliminates those distractions and leaves only pleasurable sensations.

Even if you’re not struggling with discomfort, marijuana may elevate enjoyment. A 2009 study shows it makes you euphoric, relaxed, and emotional, three factors to heighten your sensitivity to physical and psychological intimacy.

Temporal Distortions

Tokers self-report feeling like time passes slower while they’re under the influence. As a result, sex that lasts for minutes seems like an hour-long session. You might remember quick playtime before bed as a passionate and long-lasting adventure.

Intense Orgasms

Related to the last point, cannabis might make a few seconds of orgasm feel like a full minute of absolute bliss. The dopamine boost may also deepen the intensity of the sensation.

Reports of these effects are widespread. Some people invest in the best desktop vaporizer and similar at-home paraphernalia for this purpose—which speaks volumes of flower power.

Sex While High: The Negatives

Some effects of cannabis, especially in larger doses, can interfere with sexual enjoyment. Here are the notable downsides of toking before lovemaking.

Physical Dryness

Cottonmouth is a condition where your tongue doesn’t produce enough saliva. It’s a common side effect of marijuana and can make kissing unpleasant. Sipping on water temporarily prevents the issue, but a hot and heavy makeout session is still unlikely.

This condition doesn’t only affect your salivary glands, either.

Weed dries out mucus membranes all over the body; it can reduce the natural vaginal moisture. Being dry ‘down there’ makes intercourse unpleasant for both parties, so get artificial lubricant to help.

Possible Dysfunction

Some men have trouble getting and maintaining an erection after marijuana consumption. The problem is most frequent after higher doses of high-THC, indica-heavy strains with sedating effects. If you experience this issue, switch up the amount or experiment with a sativa-leaning cultivar. Common tricks for improving sexual performance also help.

Intoxication and Confusion

Since THC is intoxicating, higher amounts may leave you confused and disoriented. Weed also affects balance and coordination, making it hard to maintain taxing poses. On the psychological front, the main consequence is feeling less in control of the situation. To work around this issue, prepare all supplies beforehand and only toke with familiar partners.

Laziness and Couch Lock

Indica-dominant strains, especially those rich in THC, sometimes lead to the famous ‘couch lock.’ While the sensation of being one with your seat works wonders for relaxation, it’s not conducive to sex. Stick to smaller doses to bypass excessive sedation or choose strains that soothe without incapacitating.

Sex While High: Our Verdict

Is sex better when you’re high? It can be, as long as you track your reactions and watch your dose. The adverse effects are easy to reverse through careful consumption, letting you enjoy the positives. Start slowly and communicate with your partner—you’ll have a blast every time.

If you find yourself loving marijuana in the bedroom, buy seeds and set yourself up with a hefty homegrown supply. Your sex life will thank you.