Raccoons Running Rampant? 7 Tips To Reduce Yard Pests

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Animals in your yard can wreak havoc and undo any hard work you’ve spent on your flower beds. Getting rid of them in a humane yet effective way can be tricky, so we’ve put together our top tips for relieving your yard of furry little pests.

1. Take Away Their Comfort

When considering how to get rid of raccoons or possums you must first consider their motives. They are looking for a warm, safe spot to spend time in. if you remove these areas, they will feel less inclined to be there. Use bright spotlights that are movement-sensitive. These will turn on if a furry nuisance is nearby, therefore eliminating their hidey-holes.

2. Get Rid Of Entry Points

Even if you have high fences, raccoons can find a way into your yard by sneaking through other small holes and access points. Add mesh or wire fencing to any small gaps in your fence or areas that they could burrow through. Use tools and wood to board up any holes into sheds or outhouses or under your deck as this will provide them with shelter where they will happily set up home.

3. Pick Your Vegetation Wisely

Vetoing large patches of vegetation will stop the pesky critters from foraging for food. Instead, plant items like pumpkins and cucumbers that have prickly leaves. Raccoons have sensitive paws so they don’t like walking on sharp surfaces that will irritate their feet.

4. Remove Birdseed And Other Animal Foods

It’s nice to feed the birds, however, you must remember that in doing so you are also inviting all of the other wildlife in the area for dinner. Having nuts and seeds around will encourage possums and raccoons to enter your yard and wreak havoc. The same goes for dog and cat food. Feed your pets indoors and remove any water bowls each evening to hinder the actions of any thirty raccoons in your neighborhood.

5. Add Natural Repellents

Mix cayenne pepper or vinegar with some water and spray around your yard. Possums and raccoons dislike their smells so will steer clear. Garlic is also a great natural deterrent, crush bulbs and leave them in corners that pests may like to hide in.

6. Cover Your Trash Cans

Building a cover for your garbage cans is vital. Small furry critters are keen to get their paws on as much food as possible, so keeping your trash areas inaccessible whilst you’re waiting for garbage pick-up day will prevent them from feasting out in your yard. If you have the budget, consider investing in a waste disposal system inside your home that will incinerate any food waste so you don’t even have to put it outside.

7. Seek Help From Professionals

If all else fails, it is wise to see the assistance of pest removal technicians. As little critters, particularly raccoons can sometimes be aggressive it is important not to get too close to the animals as you may end up injured. If the above home remedies don’t work then have pest removal services come to your home and remove them for good.

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