11 Must-Have Tools For Efficient Yard Work

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When keeping your yard at its best, it’s crucial to have the right tools. If you’re eager to keep your outdoor space appealing and attractive, having good-quality equipment will make the routine hassle-free. Regardless of the size of your yard, several tools are worthy investments.

Sadly, some homeowners often go overboard when buying landscaping tools. Remember, they can use up space if you buy unnecessary ones which can come at a high price. Ensure you only prioritize the basics to keep your shed or storage area organized and free of clutter.

Necessary Equipment For Your Yard

If you want to keep your yard in good shape in an efficient manner, here are some of the crucial tools you should buy soon:

1. Gloves 

Even before starting your routine maintenance for your yard, make sure you have protection with a good pair of gloves. Depending on the activity you’re working on, work gloves will protect your hands from scrapes, blisters, cuts, thorns, and general wear and tear. You can find a wide selection of choices in the market, but select a durable and comfortable pair that properly fits.

2. Machete 

A machete is a handy tool to have around for yard or garden work. When you have this, it can tackle almost all cutting tasks. As one of the reliable sources, you can know more about this must-have item at Woodman’s Pal and other stores today.

You can find machetes in different sizes and shapes, which allows you to find the right one. Generally, it features a long, tapered blade around 10-28 inches broader in the front end for better control while chopping. A machete can have a curved or almost straight blade.  

3. Spreaders And Sprayers 

When keeping your lawn in good shape, you should invest in a broadcast granular spreader, which is used for feeding and weeding. It works by uniformly distributing fertilizer over a broad coverage.  

You can also utilize it for spot treatment of weeds with a pressurized herbicide spray. If you have a more expansive yard than half an acre, you might want to invest in a backpack sprayer that can accommodate up to four gallons or more.  

4. String Trimmer  

Even if you remove unwanted vegetation with a machete, a string trimmer is also beneficial as it allows you to trim grass and weeds thriving in various spaces. Look for a reliable string trimmer that’ll enable you to cut around obstacles such as mailboxes, fences, trees, bushes, and under decks. Today, you might also find models featuring an adjustable head.

5. Hand Trowel 

Your arsenal of lawn tools isn’t complete without a hand trowel. The tool has various uses such as digging small holes for seedlings or rooting weeds. Today, you can find models with serrated blades and markings, allowing you to measure the depth of the holes.

6. Rakes  

A rake is a useful garden tool with a long handle you can use to spread, dig, and gather. Generally, a durable, metal-toothed garden rake is ideal for spreading dirt, weeding, separating rock from the soil, and laying mulch. If you want to eliminate piles of dead leaves, grass clippings, and other debris in your yard, it’s best to invest in a flexible plastic rake.  

7. Shears 

Use shears to trim tree limbs, vines, and shrubs. Hand-held pruning shears work best for decorative plants while hedge shears are suitable for shrubs in your yard. The ideal way to keep your trees neat and prevent overgrowth is to invest in looping shears durable enough to cut through the greenwood.

8. Leaf Blower 

If you want to clean your yard efficiently, you need a leaf blower. It’ll only take a short while to get rid of a pile of dead leaves when you have this tool.  

9. Wheelbarrow 

A handy tool that’ll help you move things around quickly is a wheelbarrow. It’s ideal for transporting plants, soil, hay, mulch, and others for short and long distances.  

10. Bucket 

A bucket is indispensable around your yard, especially for carrying items, cleaning up, disposing of waste, and many more. When selecting one, go for heavy-duty plastic buckets with a sturdy handle.  

11. Chainsaw 

One of the power equipment you might want to invest in is a chainsaw. For regular clearing of fallen tree limbs or dead trees, a chainsaw will come in handy. The chainsaw should have a blade of at least 16 inches long with a 2-2.5 horsepower engine. Don’t forget the essential accessories such as the chain oil, safety gear, and anti-kickback chain.  


Keeping your outdoor space attractive and neat throughout the year will boost the overall curb appeal of your home. If you’ve been planning to make routine maintenance manageable, there are a few essential lawn tools to make it happen. Make the right choice by investing in these to ensure efficient yard maintenance.