Retro 1980s Stuff You Can Still (And Totally Should) Own

Garbage Pail kids#3. Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original 1980’s Series 7 Set ($45 @

Sure, Garbage Pail Kids are crass and vomit-inducing. But they’re also amazing. This 1980s set has been preserved for your unwrapping pleasure. In a pinch, this Series 7 set makes for a cool, too.

#4. PogoSuper Pogo 1505 Pogo Stick ($105 @

It’s a metal bar on a spring — what could go wrong!? A lot, most likely. But still, bouncing up an down on a one that’s better engineered and less likely to snap is still something some of us old folks wouldn’t mind doing — especially since crazy things like skateboarding and tree climbing are out of the question.