Study: Women Hate It When You Do Chores

Study: Household Chores Make You Less Desirable

Put down those brooms and burn those grocery lists! (Well … not if they’re in your phone.) A new study has found that married guys who perform traditionally “feminine” household chores like cooking, cleaning, and shopping had less sex than guys who stuck to “manly” chores like fixing stuff, cutting grass, and paying bills. The data came from 4,500 heterosexual married couples; ones who followed traditional gender roles at home had sex up to 1.6 times more per month than those who didn’t.

Now, perhaps you’ve read about other studies that found men who do more work around the house tend to have sex more. Was that just propaganda put out by cagey wives and girlfriends? No, but the authors of this study say that what those other studies failed to do was recognize what kind of housework men were doing. When that’s factored in, guys who cook dinner don’t actually have more sex. But guys who put up bookshelves do.

Does this mean you should refuse to dust? Probably not. But you should learn how to use a hammer for something other than cracking lobster.