Setting Your Pride Aside: Knowing When to Hire the Pros For Home Repairs

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When a home needs repairs, big or small, the first thing that always comes to mind is doing it ourselves. We now live in an era where more and more people are “doing it yourself” (DIY) more than ever before, and that’s whether you’re certified or qualified to do it yourself or not. But the real question is if you’re not qualified to do a certain home repair, why take it on anyway? Why not just hire a professional?

Well, there’s this little thing called pride that we all have, but it’s way more prominent in men. When it comes to assembly instructions, driving directions, and especially home repairs, the pride of men is through the roof! As far as home repairs, there are home repairs every man should know how to do himself, but there are also repairs a man should have enough discernment to know when to hire a professional, for his own personal safety and the safety of his home.

But again… that pesky pride gets in the way as if hiring a professional makes a man less than.

With all the turmoil and drama that 2020 had brought, 2021 will be a different year in every facet. This year, we are secure in our masculinity and won’t let a task, or anyone for that matter, define it. Because what you may not realize is that doing home repairs is just as manly as having the cold hard cash to shell out to hire a professional to do the work for you… Now that’s what’s called a power move.

Since we’ve all been stuck at home more, and from the looks of things, will continue to be at home for the foreseeable future, learn to set your pride to the side and know when to hire professionals for home repairs that are well beyond your expertise. Here are some home repairs you should never attempt on your own.

Home repairs to Always Hire Professionals For

Roofing Repairs

Whether you’re looking to clean out your gutters, replace roof shingles, or install siding, these are home repairs best left to professional contractors… Sure, doing these repairs yourself can save you lots of money, but that’s only if you know what you’re doing and don’t succumb to any type of injury.

A few years back, the National Safety Council reported that 9.2 million people were treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. No matter how comfortable you are on a ladder and how many YouTube videos you’ve watched on a project, roofing projects should always be left to professional contractors.

Electrical Repairs

Any project that involves electricity or wiring, should always be handled by a certified electrical technician. Sure, you may can pull off changing a light bulb, and even installing a ceiling fan (make sure you’ve turned off all power in your home first), but any electrical issues that go beyond your realm of expertise, you need to hire a professional.

Maybe you’ve noticed your electric bill starting to increase every month… There are several different things that can cause your electric bill to rise, including faulty wiring and shorts in your circuit breaker, but that doesn’t mean you should go digging around to see if you can fix it. In fact, faulty wiring or a short in your circuit breaker may not even be the reason why your bill is so high!

Your electric bill could be high because you’re not being efficient with your home’s energy consumption as of late. It may be time for you to visit and switch to a shared solar initiative to save on your monthly electric bill. This reason alone is why if you’re noticing changes in your electric bill, and you even think there could be some serious electrical issues going on, you need to hire an electrician to get to the bottom of the issue.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs give DIYers a lot more wiggle room to work with than roofing or electrical repairs. If you’re a pretty experienced DIYer, then you can take on easy to mid-level difficult projects like changing a shower head, unclogging a toilet, and even replacing a faucet. But where the real difficulty lies is in the plumbing systems.

Water is so fluid that if there’s even the tiniest leak anywhere in your home, water will always find it and can end up causing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Let’s say you’re working on your hot water pipes… Well, working with hot water means you’re going to be working with copper pipes, and those require the use of a blow torch, which also requires welding experience… There’s just so much that goes into plumbing repairs that you’ll save yourself the headache of it all if you just hire a professional plumber.

Don’t be THAT guy… Setting your pride to the side will save you the headache and thousands of dollars in additional repairs by hiring a professional to do the repairs that extend well beyond your expertise.