Should I call the police after my motorcycle accident?


Being in a motorcycle accident can be a scary experience. If you love to ride your bike and have been involved in an accident, your first reaction might have been confusion and stress. After checking yourself for injuries, you must protect your legal rights and make sure you receive the help you need. Here are some actions you need to take after a motorcycle accident.

Call the Police

It is quite common for motorcycle accidents to be caused by a negligent driver. If this is what happened to you, you may be able to get compensated for your losses by filing a claim against the careless driver. By calling the police while you are still at the crash scene, you will get a police report that may become an invaluable tool when it comes to bringing a claim for damages.

The police officer will arrive at the location of the accident and determine what happened. The other driver might even receive a citation. It is crucial for you to remain silent. The authorities do not need your opinion as to who was to blame. What’s more, anything you say may later be used against you.

Refrain from exchanging this type of dialog with the other driver as well. By saying out loud that you think you might have played a role in the crash, your right to compensation could be jeopardized. Answer all questions posed to you by the police politely and to the point but never apologize nor provide overly long answers.

Seek Medical Attention

It is important to receive medical attention after an accident. You may have obvious injuries, but other damage may be internal and difficult to detect. Keep a detailed file on all your doctor’s visits and treatments related to the accident. Your lawyer will need this information to build your case and calculate the amount of damages you seek to recover.

However, if your injuries are severe, do not attempt to move. You don’t want to make your injuries worse, particularly if you have hurt your spine. Call 911 and wait for the paramedics to transport you to the nearest emergency room.

Document the Accident

Any evidence of the accident will need to be documented right there. Waiting to come another day will mean that much of the evidence will have disappeared. If your injuries allow you to do so, take pictures of all vehicles involved as well as any object that might have contributed to the crash. If there are any witnesses, interview them to get their testimonies and get their contact information.

More importantly, gather all information related to the other driver. Get their contact details, the name and policy number of their insurance, the make, year, model, and car plates.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Motorcycle accidents are notorious for the injuries and damage they cause. Your insurance company needs to be notified of the incident to initiate the claim. You may then discover that the insurance company does not seem to have your best interests in mind and is giving you a lowball offer to cover your injuries. Your best option will be to reach out to an accident attorney to fight for your rights.