Typical Personal Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

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Traveling with motorcycles is one of the easiest ways to get from one location to another. However, previous research shows that 15% of all road accidents involve motorcycle accidents. Approximately five hundred riders lose their lives in each state because of motorcycle injuries. 

What is the Best Legal Action for an Injury from a Motorcycle Accident?

Since the motorcycle is a fast vehicle, many drivers may enjoy their time while omitting essential road safety guidelines. As a result, several motorcycle drivers get into traffic accidents or cause physical harm to other people. This article will show you the best legal action to take after a motorcycle accident. Later on, we will discuss common injuries from motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents often happen to drivers who disregard standard traffic rules. In some cases, careless drivers are to blame. However, this is not the case for most motorcycle drivers. Imagine you are riding your speed bike and do not notice all of the things around you, then it might result in a collision with other vehicles, bystanders, or private property. 

Distracted drivers and speeding are also common culprits of motorcycle-based accidents. Suppose you receive an injury from a motorcycle accident. We recommend you call a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with this type of situation. A lawyer can also help you with all the legal responsibilities concerning all the laws following a vehicular accident.

How can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You?

Filing a Claim

Before you can step into a court of law, you have to call a motorcycle accident lawyer to clarify things for you to proceed. They will help you file a claim considering that you are a motorcycle accident victim. Your lawyer will also know the best options for maximizing the value of your lawsuit. 


A motorcycle accident lawyer has practiced and trained with all the laws concerning these accidents. They will also give you the best legal advice and actions you can take following such an event. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you determine who is at fault after a collision. 


Insurance companies often blame the rider, which in some cases is the victim. To counter them successfully, you will need a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of insurance, claims, and compensations. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you settle a fair outcome in a court of law. 

Typical Personal Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

If you plan on filing a compensation claim, we suggest you read about the common injuries from motorcycle accidents. 

Head & Neck Injuries

A motorcycle rider’s head and neck injuries are typical results from many motorcycle accidents. These physical injuries can become more complicated if the driver is not wearing any helmet for protection. Head and neck injuries can vary from whiplash and concussions. Severe injuries might be a broken neck or a traumatic brain injury. 

Skin Problems

Our skin is the first line of defense against external organisms. In the case of motorcyclists, they tend to receive road rash if they don’t have the proper gear. Fortunately, road rash injuries can easily be treated. Extreme examples of road rash may require skin grafts or result in permanent disfigurement. 

Back & Spine Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can cause minor or severe back and spine injuries to motorcyclists. Examples of minor injuries are sprains, burns, and road rash. Severe injuries include spine fractures, paralysis, and loss of sensation. 

Arm & Leg Injuries

The arms and legs are also exposed while traveling with a motorcycle. Most of these body parts are open to damage if a driver collides with another object. It is why many drivers must have arm and shin guards while driving a motorcycle. 

Broken Bones

Modern motorcycles pack a punch when it comes to their speed and maneuverability. However, if they contact another vehicle, the momentum itself can shatter the bones of a rider. Other accidents cause the rider to fall off their motorcycles violently and hit complex objects. An accident may result in broken bones that might need immediate medical attention. 


Motorcycle accidents amount to nearly 15% of all traffic accidents happening per month. Suppose you survive after receiving an injury from a motorcycle accident; we advise getting a motorcycle accident lawyer for filing legal actions in a court of law.