Should You Do a Background Check Before Getting Married?

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While people often run a background check on a new boyfriend or girlfriend, they hardly ever do so before tying the knot.

It is probably because they assume they have already gotten to know the person quite well. Many of them are also afraid of what a possible background check on their future husband or wife might reveal.

This article sets out to list the key reasons why performing a background check on your future spouse is highly recommended.

5 Reasons Why You Should Perform a Background Check Before Getting Married 

The fact that you’ve decided to say “Yes” to someone does not necessarily mean that you know everything about their past.

Not so long ago, background checks were costly, time-consuming, and not very reliable. With the expansion of the internet and the digitalization of civil service databases, background checks have become affordable, quick, and highly reliable.

And while running a background check on your future better half will probably take you a couple of minutes and a few dollars, it may raise some critical questions about your future life as a family.

If he or she is not ready to answer these questions frankly and directly, maybe they are not yet prepared to shoulder the responsibilities of family life.

1. Sneak a Peek at Their Financial Status

Good background check providers dig deep into one’s financial history. You can thus learn if your future partner in life is addicted to gambling or if they are prone to reckless shopping sprees.

So, do a background check to learn if they hold assets in their name or are neck-deep in debt. Personal finances and earnings are a sensitive topic for discussion in many countries.

So, a background check on the other’s financial affairs can become an unexpected eye-opener before you open a joint checking account with him or her.

As soon as you sign the marriage certificate, you and your husband or wife will have a joint credit score.

2. Have They Changed Their Identity?

If the pre-marriage background check reveals your future spouse has changed their identity at some point in their life, this may be a serious reason to postpone the wedding.

There are a few reasons why people need to assume a new identity. They may have entered the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program or worked for a clandestine organization.

Last but not least, they may have changed their identity to evade prosecution. In any case, a past identity change is a serious red flag that you must put on the table as soon as possible.

3. Have They Got a Criminal Record?

If they have police registrations for minor traffic violations or juvenile shoplifting, then you can give out a sigh of relief.

However, you should promptly call the marriage off if your future husband has been charged with domestic violence or other serious crimes. You don’t want an enemy in your bed, do you?

If you think that calling the marriage off may be too dangerous, you should seek protection from the local police or municipal council.

4. Past Addictions?

Every background check includes the subject’s medical history. You can thus learn if they have had any past addictions to drugs or alcohol and how they have dealt with them.

If they have not told you about this yet, you should ask yourself why. The logical question arises if you should marry someone you cannot fully trust.

5. Have They Got Any Mental Health Issues?

Among other things, your sweetheart’s medical history may shed some light on their mental health. If you’ve been dating for quite some time, you probably know that they are struggling with bipolar disorder or similar conditions.

Still, a background check will tell you if they have been admitted for treatment to a mental institution and how many times.

Should I Tell Him or Her About the Background Check?

It depends. If you have decided to run a background check on your future husband or wife, you probably feel that they have not been 100% honest with you.

Alternatively, you can run background checks on each other together as a pre-marriage trust-building exercise.

The results may be unexpected. You can rest assured that moving forward, you will have no secrets from each other.