Stepping Up Your Game – Dressing for the Casino

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If you’ve never been to a casino, you might be contemplating what to pack and how to dress. While we’ve seen Vegas fashion depicted in many ways, we recommend emulating the iconic “Rat Pack” rather than Cousin Eddie, from Vegas Vacation, or Zach Galifianakis’ character from The Hangover. Consider these style tips before you hit the blackjack table or play poker.

The Importance of Dressing Sharp

Wondering how important it is to look nice just to go gambling? Depending on where you go, the casino may actually have a dress code, so it’s best to check out any rules on before you visit. If you can’t find a solid answer, it’s always best to play it safe and dress sharp.

Even if you the casino you are visiting has no dress code, or you’re attending an online casino like Drake Casino, investing in your appearance can boost your self-confidence and maybe even help you play a better game of poker.

Dressing for the Time of Day and Weather

Nothing looks more uncomfortable and awkward than a sharply dressed guy who’s sweating excessively because he’s overdressed. Even if your outfit is on point, people will have a hard time looking past your sweaty brow and the pools of sweat pooling in your armpits.

Before you dress for the day, consider the weather. If you’re visiting a casino in Vegas or someplace warm, consider if you have to take an Uber or walk. If you have to walk, you definitely don’t want to wear a blazer (if you do, throw it over your arm) and wear breathable fabrics like linen or even moisture-wicking material (but don’t wear workout gear).

If you’re heading to the casino earlier in the day, you can typically dress a little more casual, which means “business casual.”

Dress in clothes that are comfortable but won’t wrinkle easily as you sit all day. If you’re planning to return to the casino later in the evening (usually around 6pm), consider stepping up your look with a nice suit. A pocket square is a great way to add some color and discreetly wiping away sweat.

Grooming for the Casino

Even if you wear the nicest of suits, you can’t achieve a polished look if you’ve neglected your hair and beard. Consider getting a haircut before your trip to the casino, and if you have a beard, trim it up and utilize products like beard oil.

Since you’ll be playing at various casino tables, it’s not a bad idea to get a simple manicure. Clean and trim your nails and take care of any ragged cuticles.

It’s also important to consider others in the casino. While the scent of cologne can elevate any look, be mindful of how much you use. You don’t want your scent to linger long after you’ve left the casino.

Keeping Your Accessories Simple

A classic watch and a nice pair of shades may be all the accessories you need to complete your outfit. Leave the hats in your hotel room and go easy on the “bling.” Even though “The King” wore lots of gold jewelry in his Vegas acts, it’s not a look for every man. Sometimes simple is better (and classier). Before you select your clothing for your trip to the casino, always look for holes, wrinkles, or stains. Strive to look your best, and you’ll come out a winner.