4 Streaming Media Players For Cable Cutters

streaming media players for guys

HBO will now offer their streaming service HBO GO without requiring users to subscribe to their cable service. Smart move (finally). And it demonstrates that streaming-only services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus are slowly overtaking cable. In fact, a comscore stat claimed that 24 percent of people ages 18 to 34 have opted to cut ties with a cable company. Read: They’re streaming their content to their phones, tablets, and TVs.

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If you’re considering becoming one of them — and you can use a digital antenna to get basic HD channels to watch football on CBS, NBC, and FOX, by the way — check out these streaming media players …

vizio media streaming player#1. VIZIO Co-Star Streaming Player with Google TV ($170 @ Amazon.com)

Armed with Google TV this device can pull search results from live, local, or streaming services. That saves you time from going on sites sites like instantwatcher.com and canistream.it to locate movies or TV shows. The front of the remote features a touchpad while the backside has a full QWERTY keyboard to make for easy Web streaming and content searches.