A Coffee Maker That Looks Like A Bong

TCA-3 Siphon-Vacuum Coffee Maker

Most coffee makers aren’t visual stimulating. That’s why you might have some explaining to do when guests see a contraption like theĀ Hario TCA-3 Siphon-Vacuum Coffeemaker ($50 @ Amazon.com) resting on your countertop. (“Dammit, Tim! Take that pot out of there!”) But that’s a small price to pay for guys who appreciate high-quality joe.

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Built for hardcore coffee nuts this three-cup unit uses a unique process to extract the full flavor from each bean. Up to 12 oz. of water is put into the lower globe. After a butane burner is turned on, the water heats and rises into the top chamber. Once that chamber’s full, you dump the coffee grounds in and stir with a provided bamboo wand. The heat is then remove. As the bottom bulb cools, it create a vacuum that pulls the grounds through a filter to deliver super fresh and smooth-tasting coffee.

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Are there easier ways to makeĀ coffee? Absolutely. But for people (ahem) who would rather get their caffeine by treating coffee grinds like snuff than drinking the product of K-Cups, it’s a worthwhile investment.