Swimming Pools You Need To Pee In

1410566Lev Leviev’s House | London
The Israeli diamond mogul’s seven-bedroom, $70-million home in Hampstead has a hair salon, gym, sauna, movie theater, bulletproof front door, and most importantly, giant pool with gold-plated mosaic tiles. The pool is also a day-into-night kind of deal; Leviev had a retractable cover installed that not only prevents people from tossing pennies into the pool, but also transforms the giant room into a grand ballroom.

underground mm pool

Homestead Crater | Midway, Utah
Okay, this isn’t technically man-made, but it’s man-enhanced. Homestead Crater combines swimming and spelunking without you having to fear a horrific 127 Hoursstyle accident. The naturally occurring 55-foot pit is open year-round and is partially filled with geothermal spring water whose temperature hovers somewhere in the 90s. So even after a day of tumbling down the slopes at nearby Brighton Ski Resort, you can still take a 45-minute detour to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive with snow bunnies. In fact, the crater is billed as the nation’s only warm-water scuba diving destination, where divers can either get their scuba certification and descend 55 feet into the crater’s depths to check out 10,000 years worth of limestone formations.