Taking One for the Team: How to Be a Good Wingman on a Night Out

Sometimes you need to take one for the team. From being designated drive to breaking the ice, learn how to be a good wingman on a night out.


In the US, there are over 110 million single adults. This is around 45% of the entire population, which means it’s very likely that you, your buddies, or all of you are unattached!

Maybe you already have your eye on someone or you just want to look out for your friends when you go out with them. Either way, you want to know how to be a good wingman.

In that case, you’re reading the right article. We’ll teach you the basics of being a wingman!

Don’t Steal Your Friend’s Spotlight

If you’re all talking in a group, make sure you don’t monopolize the conversation. It can be easy to start going on and on, especially if you’re outgoing and are talking about something you love.

But this can take away attention from your buddy. Not only that, but you might also accidentally steal the affection of the person they were pursuing.

If you want to talk more, then grab someone from the group or break off into a smaller party, without your friend and their love interest, of course.

Don’t Exaggerate About Your Buddy

As the designated wingman, you know that you have to try and “sell” your friend to their crush. But there’s such thing as overdoing it!

If it comes across as you trying too hard, this can throw up red flags for the love interest. Instead, slip in comments about their good character only if it fits the conversation. Otherwise, just let them find out on their own what a great person your friend is!

Give Them the Opportunity to Be Alone

We know you want to be a good friend and watch over the situation. But the best wingman knows when to give the lovebirds an opportunity to be alone and get to know each other even more.

If you sense that things are going well, make your exit in a natural way. We’re sure your friend will appreciate it!

Don’t Let Them Drink Too Much

You shouldn’t let your friends drink too much. You don’t want to be on the crash news update later the next day, after all.

Even if you’ve offered to be the designated driver, still keep your friend’s alcohol intake in check. Not only can things quickly go from fun and buzzed to sloppy and throwing up, but they might also make a fool of themselves in front of their crush.

Keep an eye on your friend’s drinking and make sure they drink plenty of water. This will help ensure they don’t mess up things while trying to hit on someone.

Know How to Be a Good Wingman for Your Friends

Now you know how to be a good wingman for all your buddies. If you’re single too, then they’ll definitely return the favor for you the next time you’re interested in someone. And if not, at least you’ve played a part in helping your friends leave the bachelor lifestyle and potentially get the loves of their lives!

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