The 3 Things To Know Before Making An NFL Prop Bet

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Sports betting is always a lot of fun as it adds a lot of extra enthusiasm when you are watching the games on Sunday. The best NFL bets that are the most fun to make are the ones that are well researched so you give yourself a big chance to win. The satisfaction you feel when you hit the bet that you put some time into is incredible.

To make it even more fun to bet on football is to make some prop bets. These are propositional bets about something that you expect to happen in a game. For instance, you may want to make a bet about the result of the coin toss. Or, you can bet that the home quarterback is going to run in a touchdown during the game.

These bets seem lucky but there is a way to give yourself an edge for these types of bets. And when you win, you can make a tidy little payday. In this article, we will go over the things you need to know before placing some prop bets to give yourself an edge.

1 – Dive into the numbers

The more research you do then the better chance at winning your prop bet will be. Even though these bets seem random, there is a rhyme and reason to some of them. By diving into the numbers you can see some patterns and probabilities.

Think about how odds are made by the sports books. Even a prop bet has odds so that means there is some probability involved and the sports books took certain things into account. This means that there are stats out there that can help you determine if you have a good shot at winning one of these bets.

Let’s imagine that your prop bet is that the opposing team is going to score three touchdowns in the final quarter. You can look up how many times this has happened by the same team and even how many times it happened to their opposition. If the team you want to bet for has done it a few times in the recent past, and the other team has allowed three touchdowns in the final quarter recently, then the odds are fairly good that this could happen.

2 – Find the right book

The odds on prop bets vary wildly across the board with different sports books. That’s because there isn’t a line that everybody uses to make their odds. You should shop around and find the sports book that is going to give you the best odds for the type of bet you are looking to make.

One thing to look out for is a too-good-to-be true set of odds. If this is a book that you have never used before then be wary about high odds in your favor.

3 – Know the bet

Make sure to understand the fine print of the bet you are looking to make. For instance, if the prop bet is that the defense will score a touchdown in the game then make sure that it covers any amount of touchdowns and not just one.

Some shady sports books will look for any reason to not pay you. Understanding the nature of the bet will prevent you from losing a bet you actually won.