Read This: 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die

books for guysTravel guides can be helpful, but they’re usually a tedious read. And with all of the info they possess available online, we’re often not sure what purpose they serve. Then we ran into a … unique travel guide that pledged to help people embark on a booze-fueled, coked-up, meth romps around the globe.

101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die ($11 @ is a roadmap for anyone willing to use some PTO to destroy their liver and brain cells — no matter which continent they’re visiting. The book is divided into eight sections that correspond to various party experiences: Blowouts, High Elevation, Under the Radar, Dirtbag, Bar Crawl, Spendy, Beach Break, Baller. Basically, whatever you’re looking to do — gas beers with half-naked hippies at Coachella, get high with yogis in India, or drink Goofy under the table at Universal Studios in Orlando — there are instructions for how to pull it off.

All 101 locations have a brief firsthand write-up that’ll A) give you a laugh, and B) school you on the place you’re visiting. (Who knew it was possible to exchange a rubber toy shark for a chick’s underwear at Mardi Gras?) Plus, it’s an easy read and makes a cheap stocking stuffer.