The Best Fitness Gear Companies For Active Guys

wola-co fitness gear for men

Wolaco is a NYC-based compression gear company that got its start on Kickstarter. Their emphasis is on functional clothing aimed at urban runners and people who don’t want their stuff dangling around in pockets or locked in lockers. You’ll find shorts and pants, as well as hoodies, and T-shirts. Prices are moderate. For example, a hoodie runs about $35 and a pair of shorts is$45 and up.

With a name like RYU — aka Respect Your Universe — you’d think that this is an eco-minded company … it’s not. But that doesn’t mean RYU doesn’t come out with some cool stuff. Made for the multi-purpose athlete, their clothing is labeled “technical training apparel” that’s made to move the way a person’s body moves. In recent years we’ve seen them transitino from busy designs with obscene logos to a more streamlined and sleek look. Expect to shell out about $43 for a top, $67-$113 and up for hoodies, and in the mid-$40s for tanks.