Smoke Weed? These 10 Things Can Help Boost Your High

essentials for guys who smoke weed

Business Insider did a post about 21 health benefits of marijuana. We’d have written something similar but we fo rgot to because … well, put two and two together. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with smoking or eating pot, or even attempting to soak up weed’s THC by osmosis as far as we’re concerned because you’re a tax paying (or tax dodging) adult and so long as you’re not hacking up our family members with an axe or threatening to freeze us in carbonite, you can dress in a velvet jumpsuit and wander the streets aimlessly for all we care.

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However, if you’re going to smoke the marijuana pot herb, there are a few things to know before you light up. We’ve compiled a handful of gear like these Electric dab rigs that’ll arm you with the knowledge to feed off your neo-con father in law when he grills you about the dangers of weed, help you shield your habit from a-hole neighbors who bitch about the scent, and give you the knowledge to grow your own so you can save a few bucks. You can find your starter seeds at Weed Seeds USA.

Happy toking …

Candle#1.  Cannabis Killer Candle ($17 @
Keep your smoking a secret with this lightly scented candle, formulated with natural odor-destroying ingredients that will eradicate the tell-tale scent of cannabis from the air.

This soy wax candle burns for 90 hours; when it’s done, the glass jar can be used for storage — after you wash it out, of course.

Grinder#2. Chromium Crusher ($17 @
Don’t be gumming up the works by jamming giant boulder-sized nugs in your pipes. Whether you’re smoking joints or ripping bongs or bowls, this durable chrome grinder crushes even the densest bud into something more manageable with just a few turns. Made from a heavy-duty zinc alloy, this grinder features a handy mesh screen pollen catcher for accumulating precious kief (the crystals that blanket your marijuana). Also included is a handy scraping tool for easy cleaning.