The Best Gadgets for Beer Drinkers


You don’t need gadgets or fancy glasses to enjoy beer. All you need is beer. However, that’s not to say that some accessories or glasses don’t make the experience more enjoyable. Or that some gadgets aren’t cool or useful — especially the breathalyzer or Fizzics. And for those who are reading this after hours of drinking beers, you’re probably more prone to agree with us…as well as impulse shop. Cheers to credit card debt!

Best Drinking Gadgets For Beer Drinkers


#1. Tuff-Luv Personalized Viking Beer Horn Glass with Birch Wooden Stand ($36 @

Tap into (pun intended) your Nordic ancestors by drinking the way Vikings used to. This cool-looking novelty beer glass was clearly modeled after the traditional Nordic style drinking horns. The product comes with a stylish wooden stand a horn-shaped glass made from soda-lime glass. Plus, if you ever throw a Viking-themed party, you’ll be a step ahead of the game.


#2. Vastar Professional Breathalyzer with Semi Conductor Sensor and LCD Display ($19 @

Since DUIs are, like, sooooo yesterday—and you’re a grade-A asshole if you drive drunk and put other people in danger—the Vastar Breathalyzer comes in handy when you need extra motivation to not get behind the wheel. It’s accurate and is built to measure the exact concentration of alcohol in your body. The gadget also has smart MCU control, when the test result is above 0.05% BAC or 0.50‰ BAC or 0.25mg/l or 50mg/100ml, meaning it will emit an audio and video warning to alarm.

Also, Vastar’s LCD screen makes it perfect for nighttime use, when you’re hopefully more likely to put a few away (unless you have a super cool boss who’s down with you boozing at work, obviously) It is also portable, easy to carry, and costs a fraction of what you’d pay in court fees.