6 Gadgets For Grilling The Perfect Steak

best gadgets for grilling perfect steak bbq starter#4. 60-Second BBQ & Fireplace Starter ($70 @ Amazon.com)
Squirting lighter fluid on hot coals is undeniably fun, but getting your face scorched off by out-of-control flames is a total buzz kill. So ditch the matches and lighter fluid for The 60 Second Charcoal Starter, an electric heat-gun gadget that emits 1,290-degree heat — we’re pretty sure that’s, like, hotter than the surface of the sun — directly into the coals. When the coals spark, keep the heat pointed at them for, ahem, a hot minute, and the flame will take over from there.


steak gadgets#5. Steak Station Thermometer ($19)
The battery-powered hub contains four tethered, color-coded thermometers that can each be inserted into a steak. The hub keeps track of each steak’s temperature on a rare/medium/well scale so you can easily have yours medium-rare, while giving your idiot brother-in-law the one you forgot about and accidentally made well-well-well-done.