6 Gadgets For Grilling The Perfect Steak

gadgets for steak#6. Digital BBQ Tongs ($33 @ Amazon.com)
You may think you’re a master at eyeballing steak, but the one time it comes out mooing you’ll never live it down. Plus, you’ll have wasted a fine and potentially expensive cut of meat. Digital BBQ Tongs have a built-in five-second response time with seven preset meat types and an alarm to let you know your meat’s been cooked to your specifications. And if you happen to be grilling at night or just want to annoy your sleeping neighbors, the tongs also come with an LED flashlight.



Screen shot 2011 08 10 at 12.45.27 PM#7. Cast Iron Garlic Roaster ($18)
Yeah, we know garlic makes your breath stink. That’s a price we’re willing to pay for the additional taste it adds to steak, chicken, and potatoes. You can fit one or two garlic cloves inside the Cast Iron Garlic Roaster, which will then add a smoky, fire-roasted flavor to top off your steak after it’s grilled.