The Best Game Show About Shaving You’ve Ever Seen

If you take the time to do it right, shaving can be a downright enjoyable activity. But rarely does it win you applause from a roomful of strangers.

That’s exactly what happens, however, during Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Face Off, a series of short game shows hosted by JB Smoove. In the Face Off, contestants, um, face off against one another and are judged on who best shaves different parts of their bodies — don’t worry, they don’t shave any upsetting body parts — within a specified amount of time. Here are a few previews.

The Beard: Horrifyingly, one of the two contestants shaves without any cream or gel. Can you guess whether he wins?

The Head: Why they didn’t have Mac from Predator compete, we’ll never know.

The Chest: Speedily shaving your chest is an exceedingly dangerous thing to do nipple-wise. Let’s hope nobody gets hurt.

The Pits: Will shirtless high-fives now be less embarrassing or more embarrassing? You be the judge.

To see the full videos, click here.