Badass Gangs and Crews From Guy Movies

Dutch’s Team
Predator (1984)

Badass Members: Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Dillon (Carl Weathers), Blain (Jesse Ventura), Mac (Bill Duke), Billy (Sonny Landham), Poncho (Richard Chaves), Hawkins (Shane Black)

Badass Mission: Dutch is a former green beret charged with leading a combined Delta Force / CIA Special Ops Group into hostile Guatemala — back in the ’80s, Central America was crawling with commies instead of hippies — to retrieve a presidential cabinet advisor taken hostage by insurgents. Along the way, he crosses paths with an alien equipped with infrared vision, an invisibility cloak, and lots and lots of space-age weapons. The alien, who looks like a half-spider, half-sarlacc, half-tranny, half-rastafarian body builder, is there to hunt people like wild game. But Dutch shows him that man is … the most dangerous game!

Most Badass Moment: There are just so many. Like when a badly injured Dutch attempts to lure the predator into a trap by wailing, “DO EET! DO EET! COME ON, COME ON! KEEL ME! I’M HERE! KEEL ME!” Or when the predator blows off Dillon’s arm, which flies through the air while still firing his gun. Or at the beginning of the movie, when Dutch and Dillon are first reunited and their handshake turns into a steroid-fueled mid-air arm-wrestling match. Basically, this entire movie is one long Most Badass Moment.

Badass Quote: Poncho points out to Blain that he’s bleeding because he’s been shot during a firefight. Blain simply says, “I ain’t got time to bleed.” Yes!