14 Cool Men’s Watches Under $200

nike-sport-watch gps#8. Nike+ SportWatch GPS Watch ($110 and up @ Amazon.com)

Not surprisingly, Nike’s watch is a great pickup for athletes (and former athletes who would like to avoid turning into planet-sized dough balls). The Nike + SportWatch keeps time, pace, speed, tracks calories burned, monitors heart rate, workout intensity, and a billion other things. Worth it for avid runners or for people who don’t feel like wearing an extra bracelet like a Jawbone to keep tabs on their calories or miles.

Asus mens watch

#9. ASUS Zenwatch  ($199 @ Amazon.com)

Futuristic convenience, durability and simplistic style are combined. This watch’s futuristic design has an electronic compatibility with the Android 4.3+ smartphone. It also holds a protective AMOLED screen and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display. The watch is designed with a heart rate monitor and a 100+ combination watch face choices that can be change to fit the wearers mood.

swatch sistem51#10. Swatch Sistem51 ($125 @ Amazon.com)

It’s the first mechanical watch ever built using fully-automated assembly, meaning no human hands touch it while it’s being made. Cool, sure, but also terrifying if you believe in technological singularity. Not that, uh, we do or anything. Currently, you can only pick up a Sistem51 in Switzerland, but they should be making their U.S. debut this spring.