The Best Running Shoes & Gear For Men With Foot Issues

compression sleeveShin Splints
Shin splints are common to runners and cause leg pain between the knee and ankle. They occur when a person does not allow his or her muscles to adapt to a rigorous routine. To avoid the pain, it is helpful to buy shoes with extra support and cushioning. By increasing blood flow, compression socks and sleeves will help as well. Camden Gear Calf Compression Sleeve ($18 @ reduces muscle vibration and muscle fatigue.


motion control shoeAchilles Tendon Pull
The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle and heel. The faster a person runs, the higher the strain on this tendon. Poor ankle range of motion and excessive pronation are linked to Achilles problems. To prevent or control the issues, it is wise to wear motion-control sneakers — like the New Balance Optimum Control Running Shoes ($149 @ or orthotics that fight overpronation. Higher-heeled running shoes are especially beneficial.

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