The Latest Trend in iGaming 2022

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The online gaming field has been demonstrated as a prosperous industry and with the technological advances that have upgraded this sector to captivate a large audience; the iGaming industry is expected to be the fastest-growing segment. The COVID-19 pandemic is also one of the factors to give way to the rise in the popularity of this virtual entertaining activity. Online casino games can be now accessed anywhere in the world and as the payments options cannot be separated with this field; the market size and revenue generated by this sphere are on an upward surge. Moving on to 2022, the online gaming sector is unquestionably climbing so let’s take a look at what’s to come to revamp the industry this year.


Slingo has become the favourite game in the online gaming market because not only can it provide more excitement but the developers also added features to make the game more seductive. This game of pure chance is, actually, the combination of two popular games in the online casino; the slot and bingo so the fans of these games should check SammyBingo’s list of online slingo sites. The genius New Jersey real estate developer, Sal Falciglia has the idea to create this game but its reputation has increased since the release of its online version with several improved variants. Playing this social game is simple in which the players will be taken to a 5×5 bingo ticket on the screen with the slot reels at the bottom. All the players have to do is spin the reels and check whether the numbers on the bingo card are displayed or not. Each spin rewards them a different number of points, and when they accumulate points, they win. Instant prizes and special bonuses are waiting for these players as well.

Online Scratch Cards

The scratch cards have entertained people since the middle of the 20th century and originally, these games were manually designed with different pictures depending on the creators. The scratch cards online versions have become ubiquitous in the iGaming sites with more enhanced graphics and features. To make these games more appealing among the gamblers, interesting themes and lucrative bonuses are added so people’s gaming experience will be improved. In the online version, the games are determined by the technology Random Number Generator (RNG) meaning that they can be played in a fair and transparent environment. Unlike other games, playing scratch cards only takes a few minutes and as mobile gaming has invaded the market, aficionados can play them at their convenience. It is worth mentioning that the gains associated with the games can be higher depending on the players’ wagers.

Live Betting

Sports betting is one of the old amusement activities because this practice has existed since the time people started watching sports. At that time, people enjoyed placing bets on horse racing and several famous sports. This activity’s reputation has exploded chiefly since the internet advent, and today, several renowned bookmakers have competed to offer the best services and products to the punters. Live betting is probably the most seductive form of gambling because the thrilling that the bettors feel is incomparable. The operators often offer bonus packages and daily promotions to their customers to increase their notoriety. The high-quality services and the best products are the bettors’ requirements so the better bookie’ services, the more players open an account on the platform. The betting industry has become prevalent as the digital space enables gamblers to get access to the betting sites of their choice. With such diversity and a large selection of live betting offers, the future of this practice will continue to be bright.


Despite the global pandemic, the online gaming industry hasn’t stopped to surge, and with the various innovations, new ideas have constantly been searched to catch more and more people, and companies like Pangea Global Localization Services make gaming more reachable. The world is fast-paced and the changing trends also impact the iGaming industry with relevant games and products that promise more enjoyment. The competition is getting tougher so the operators have to find strong strategies to win and retain customers. Now, we are in the modern world and with technological advancements, this year will be another prosperous one for the online gaming industry. With new trends to completely transform and improve this sphere, this amusement activity will continue to be the preferred choice in the forthcoming years.