The main features of SafeTrading

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This is the platform which was founded by 2 beginner traders – Andreas and Sam, and even though they didn’t trade a lot earlier, they were deep in this field before everything became so popular.

If you are looking for profitable bitcoin trading then you should explore bitcoin era, this platform will provide you perfect guidelines to start profitable bitcoin trading.

Mostly it is a place for the different kinds of traders to come, but it is not prohibited to visit this site for everybody.

Safetrading is a place where your experience in the crypto world doesn’t matter since the analyses which you can find on the site itself are always true and you can be sure about info here.

On the safetrading every person can find the data about different traders, crypto signals telegram and discord channels, wallets .

This platform is always fighting for truth and the leaders are totally against scammers and different people who are trying to make some signals fake, because it will bring them free money.

The only changes Safetrading’s crew make concern the mistakes in the reports provided by the Safetrading team or minor discrepancies in the reports from trader-consultants.

There are also people who are trying to pay for the change of data about their channels, because they can be scammers or want to attract more audience to their lair. If somebody will be caught on it, then the channels of this guy (Does not matter old or new) will be first on the list to be analysed about bad things and lies inside of it.

Types of channels


Channels with this mark can be called the best in their field, since there are really good traders behind them and they give a lot of great signals.

Guys which are working with analysis are always working with the heart inside of it. Every detail, every corner and word of admin must be checked. Not a lot of channels can even get closer to the status “Approved”.


Not checked

Not checked does mean that SafeTrading’s team didn’t collect all the info about this channel till the end or they are waiting for the last data to be obtained.

They are not that easy to see through as first ones, but they also can be either good or bad.


This name the channel can get only if the owner:

  • After the payment showed the way to their secret channel, but there was not a truth, but a fake signals;
  • Denied your access to their channel after the payment.

These are the worst channels you can find anywhere!



If the information is not full or the SafeTradings crew couldn’t put all the data together, then you can see a ranking in the kind of stars, where one star is horrible and five is the best the channel can get.

If the data are full and the team has precise it, then you can see all the data like the pluses and minuses about their signals and e.t.c.


Here the support system is analysed, where the answers and the time of these answers from the owner and the trader itself are viewed.


There you can understand how much do channels cost and why some channels are bad for you since they are losing more, than you are paying for their subscriptions

Minimal Listing on Safetrading Requirements

  • The name of the project
  • The link to the site or channel
  • Database about the trader
  • How to get in touch
  • Time in trading cryptocurrencies
  • Country and nationality of trader
  • Which languages speaks
  • Maximum number of people inside and current one
  • How much days will include one subscription
  • The price of subscription
  • Which kind of the crypto signals they have
  • The amount of signals monthly


MLSDev is a company that creates the best websites and apps for every kind of business. One day they helped SafeTrading to become the way the company is. They gave the consultation and advice about production and the systems of the Safetrading team.

MLSDev is not trying to take from you all of your money. They are trying to create the best product as fast as possible and as cheap as possible to not harm the quality.

Their mission is to maximize the potential of different clients’ business ideas through innovation. The main goal of our team is to create a product that can bring you profit. They care about your success and approach each project from a minimal point of view in order to minimize all possible risks and ensure fast processing. As a result, the final product we supply fully meets the market demand.



Goal number one of the SafeTrading’s crew is to give people knowledge, which they can use on their own and don’t be afraid of different scammers, liars and guys like these..

They have so much experience, so it is very easy to get all the info about channels and their owners, so you can be sure about the main things and data.