10 Ultra-Manly Yoga Poses


Yoga can help you achieve better sleep, more flexibility, and reduced levels of stress and anxiety. Trouble is, most guys fear practicing yoga means they’ll transform into some New Age dickhead that drives a Prius and uses a Bluetooth earpiece without living in shame.

But what if we told you there is another yoga method out there for guys who eat their meat raw, drink their beer lite, and aren’t afraid to wear nut-hugging Old Glory shorts? Clearly we’re talking about guys like you. And this yoga we speak of not only provides the health benefits listed above, but also possess the ability to put you in touch with the animalistic side of your personality, turn you into a human wrecking ball, and — perhaps most importantly — allow your clammy sack to air-dry.

Best of all, flexibility need not apply (as you’ll plainly see). You’ll only need to do two things: dress like a a patriotic choad, and attack each pose with the same ferocity you would a 4th and goal from the one-inch line.


Photography by Erica Schultz