Pro: Comfy Jeans. Con: Won’t Hide Boners

allan jeans joga jeans skinny jeans

Given the choice we’d pull a George Costanza and wear sweatpants to just about every function. Sadly, bosses and women tend to frown upon a guy who shows up to interviews and dates sporting his beloved sweats. (Jerks!)

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The Silver Jeans Co. is looking to capitalize on guys like us with their newest line of Joga Jeans. Made from 89 percent cotton, 10 percent polyester, 1 percent elastane, the jeans are as soft as they are stretchy.

We were sent a pair of Allan Joga pants to test. They’re a classic fit, which means they toe the line between skinny jeans and relaxed fit. That would normally be a problem for us because of our thunder thighs enormous quads. But it wasn’t. And after we wore them we … kept on wearing. And wearing them. And wearing them. And wearing them. For days. And days. And days. And oh my god after a week straight did they reek like ass sweat and man stank. But they were still comfy! And that’s exactly what you’d expect — or demand — from $88 pants.