The new line of Sleeper wedding dresses!

Finally, Sleeper, the well-known brand renowned globally for its party pajama sets and other items of apparel, has launched a new bridal collection! Sleeper’s 2018 bridal collection has already sparked a lot of interest in the United States, with only favorable feedback thus far.

Sleeper is a brand that has made everyone’s fantasy of wearing their pajamas to any event a reality and accessible to everyone. They accomplished this by designing universal pieces of clothing that ladies may wear wherever they want and still look great (and now Sleeper wedding dresses are a part of this versatility ). They may sleep in these clothes if they want, or they can go on a walk and eat at a noisy restaurant if they want.

Not only will the new collection make you feel like the luckiest lady in the world, but it will also make you feel like the most important woman in the world. Moreover, wearing a slip wedding gown from will make you look like an angel in disguise.

What is available in the Sleeper bridal collection?

It is vital to note that the collection is very varied and, in a sense, adaptable. There are several design options. Furthermore, certain gowns are available in silk and linen, so every bride may find something she likes. There are three main alternatives available:

  • Paloma dress
  • Opera dress
  • Atlanta dress

Sleeper’s wedding cape, along with the dress of your dreams, will enable you to feel tranquil and free, as you won’t even notice it behind your back.

Not only is there the dress and the wedding cape, but there is also a wonderful item to match it and complete the image and allow you to walk on the ground as if you were flying – silk ballet flats! Mille-feuille silk ballet flats are meticulously created to ensure that nothing distracts or interferes with the most significant event of your life.

Sleeper clothes: a real sensation in the fashion world

Sleeper is one of those brands that you will never forget once you get to know their products. All of their products are very popular in Western Europe and the United States of America. They cooperate with many popular distributors and they include such giants as:

  • Net-a-Porter
  • Moda Operandi
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Galeries Lafayette and others.

But what does this brand have besides its popularity and why was it said at the very beginning that once you see their clothes, you will never forget them? 

Of course, it is immediately worth highlighting the uniqueness of the brand, because its idea is that all clothes should be universal to make life a little easier. Yes, they are known for Sleeper pajamas, which everyone is talking about, but still, for the last year, the company has been actively promoting its other types of clothing, for example, silk wedding dress and white linen wedding dress.

But still, the best thing about this whole label is the ability to use their clothes for various purposes, namely to sleep at home in a cozy bed and go to parties, or holidays in the same clothes. If you like this idea, then you should at least check out their range and buy yourself some of their latest items, because they have amazing pieces of clothing!

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How did the brand concept come to life?

Sleeper is a Ukrainian fashion business launched in 2014 by Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva, two young entrepreneurs. On Christmas Eve, two friends were watching everyone’s favorite film, Curly Sue, when the idea for the label occurred to them. Thus started their quest to design adaptable attire that could be worn at home as well as at a party. With such an interesting past, it’s no surprise that their apparel lines make excellent holiday gifts.

It’s hard to believe that such a large and well-known company started with a small collection of pajamas, but everyone starts with small steps, right? And now they have received well-deserved praise. 

Not so long ago they also modified the orientation of their brand in terms of materials. Sleeper began by producing silk clothes, but has now expanded to include viscose and linen, and has replaced silk items with viscose as they are regarded as more ecologically friendly textiles. Because each item is handmade, only high-quality fabrics that are both breathable and moisture-absorbent are utilized. This safeguards future Sleeper customers’ comfort.

Sleeper has gone a long way as a brand since the time of the first collection. This, however, did not affect their essential values or ethical approaches. The label was founded on the principles of self-love, happiness, and, of course, sustainability, and they remain true to those principles today.

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The majority of Sleeper’s revenue comes from sales of soft pajamas or Sleeper wedding dresses on the brand’s website. Check it and find something beautiful and comfortable for yourself!