The Psychology Behind Jumping From One Relationship to Another

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a cycle of jumping from one relationship to another? Whether it’s because relationships feel too overwhelming or they just never seem to last, you may be wondering why it keeps happening. It’s time to take a look at the psychology behind why people jump from one relationship to another in order to better understand what might be going on beneath the surface.

Fear of Commitment

One of the biggest reasons why people find themselves jumping from one relationship to another is due to fear of commitment. This could stem from various things — perhaps there was an instance in childhood where someone close left, or maybe there was an experience with an ex that left them feeling betrayed.

Whatever the cause may be, it can lead people into believing that relationships are too complicated and that they are safer without committing themselves fully. This leads them into wanting to keep their options open and continuously looking for something better, which can create a pattern of jumping from partner-to-partner.

Self-Esteem Issues

Another reason why someone might find themselves repeatedly entering and exiting relationships is due to self-esteem issues. When someone has low self-esteem, they tend to seek validation and approval through others, which often leads them into seeking validation within relationships as well.

Without feeling secure in their own sense of worth or identity, they often look for reassurance through external sources such as partners. Unfortunately, this can cause someone to jump around in hopes of finding a partner who will constantly be available for affirmation, which is not sustainable within a relationship.

Poor Communication Skills

Another factor that can contribute towards this type of pattern is poor communication skills. Without being able to effectively express oneself or address issues that arise within a relationship—or even before getting into a relationship—it can lead someone down a road towards making poor decisions about their love life such as repeatedly leaving partners instead of addressing any underlying issues that need tending too.

Poor communication skills also make it difficult for couples to have healthy conversations about expectations and boundaries within the relationship which could easily lead them onto different paths if those things were unclear or undefined in the first place.


Jumping from one relationship to another can be exhausting and disheartening–so it’s important for anyone who finds themselves stuck in this cycle understand the psychology behind it so they can make changes accordingly.

Fear of commitment, self-esteem issues and poor communication skills are all common contributors towards this kind of behavior but understanding these factors makes it easier for people take ownership over their choices and create healthier patterns when it comes down selecting partners moving forward. With some self reflection and practice anyone can break out this cycle so they don’t have repeat the same mistakes over again!