The Reasons Behind Dads Who Walk Away After Divorce

It’s no secret that divorce is a difficult and emotional process for all parties involved. But one group of people who often remain overlooked in this process are fathers who have walked away from the family post-divorce.

This can be a confusing experience, especially when it comes to understanding why they have chosen to take such an extreme step. Let’s explore some of the possible causes behind dads walking away after divorce.

Financial Struggles Can Drive Fathers Away

It’s no secret that financial struggles can put a strain on any relationship, and divorce can add an extra layer of difficulty to the situation. If the divorce leaves your former partner struggling financially, it could potentially drive them away from their children if they feel unable to provide for them properly due to financial constraints. This sense of inadequacy may cause them to make the difficult decision to walk away from the family rather than stay in an emotionally draining situation they don’t think they can afford or handle.

Lack of Support From Ex-Partners Can Be Detrimental

Divorce is already a difficult experience, but when there is no mutual understanding between ex-partners, it can be even more complicated for fathers who are trying their best to remain in their child’s life post-divorce.

If your ex-partner does not recognize the efforts you make as a father and continues to create roadblocks for you during joint custody arrangements, this could eventually lead you to make the decision that walking away would be easier than constantly dealing with these issues.

Fathers May Feel Unsupported by Society as a Whole

Sometimes societal pressures can play into fathers choosing to walk away from their families after divorce as well. There is still a lingering stigma attached to divorced parents, especially towards single mothers and absent fathers who choose not to engage with their children post-divorce.

This stigma might contribute further guilt and feelings of inadequacy among men who feel like society has already predetermined that they are bad parents because of their marital status or choice not to participate in parenting actively anymore.

Conclusion: Fathers walking away after divorce is an issue that many families have experienced first hand, whether it was due to financial struggles, lack of support from ex-partners or societal pressures placed on divorced fathers which make them feel inadequate amidst a culture which emphasizes traditional nuclear families above all else.

Ultimately, whatever the reason may be behind a father’s decision, it is important that we recognize how complex this issue really is and try our best not only understand what drives these men’s decisions but also how we can help those affected by this difficult situation find better solutions moving forward.