The Rise of CBG: A Stronger Compound in Cannabis with Medical Benefits

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Cannabis has been around for centuries, and in that time CBG has been there too. CBG is found in very low concentrations of mature cannabis flowers, but it’s the CBG compound that may have more medical benefits than CBD alone. CBG is a stronger cannabinoid with anti-inflammatory properties that could potentially help people with inflammatory bowel diseases or Crohn’s disease (without the psychoactive effects). CBG has also been shown to have pain-relieving effects as well. The pain-reducing effect of CBG comes from an entirely different pathway than that of THC and CBD, which means that patients could potentially use all three cannabinoids without experiencing any negative side effects.

Liferesearchco CBG is created in all cannabis plants, but it usually converts into either CBC or THC during the curing process. CBC is about five times more potent than THC, making it a better pain-absorber. Compare that to CBD, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory but has very slight psychoactive effects. It’s likely that CBG could be even more effective at reducing inflammation and relieving pain than CBD if the wrong chemical reactions are going on inside the body.

CBG has been shown to be “more effective at reducing symptoms of inflammation in humans. It may also be safer if you taking care of your marijuana and the proper way of cultivation has been applied. It may also be safer. People typically use cannabis to ease their pain or anxiety, but THC can make them feel hungry and it doesn’t induce a full high. Research on mice has shown that CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, although people who are regular users of cannabis with a low CBD content say they often get a “buzz” from the plant, there are no scientific studies proving this effect. CBG may actually help reduce pain without creating psychoactive effects. Scientists in the UK have been studying the effects of CBD and CBG as possible treatments for inflammatory bowel diseases, including Crohn’s disease. They compared the effectiveness of low and high doses to children suffering from Crohn’s disease under a placebo regime and found that high doses of both CBD and CBG helped relieve the severity of symptoms. Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the lining of the intestine. The intestinal lining is called the mucosa and it can become inflamed because it becomes damaged by certain bacteria.

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