The Rules of the Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Are you looking to spice up your next get-together? Look no further than the Ring of Fire drinking game. This classic party game is a great way to bring people together, especially if they’re fans of beer pong or other drinking games. Let’s take a closer look at how it’s played.

How To Play Ring of Fire

First, assemble your group and grab your favorite drinks. Then, place an empty cup in the middle of the table. Arrange all cards (jokers included) in a circle around the cup and make sure they’re facing up. Now you can start playing! One person begins by picking up a card from the ring of cards surrounding the cup. Depending on what card was drawn, everyone must do one of the following actions:

2 – Give out two drinks.

3 – Take three drinks.

4 – Make a rule (for example, no swearing or no touching your face).

5 – Give five drinks to any one person or divide them amongst multiple people.

6 – Give six drinks to someone who is wearing glasses.

7 – The player who drew this card gets to choose someone else to drink.

8 – Make a date—this means all players must touch their index fingers and thumbs together while saying “toast” before they drink their beverages.

9 – Rhyme—the player who draws this card must come up with a word and then everyone else must take turns rhyming words until someone fails or cannot think of anything.

10 – Categories—the player who draws this card chooses a category like types of fruit, colors, etc., and then everyone else takes turns naming something that fits into that category until someone fails or cannot think of anything.

Jack – Everyone has to drink.

King – The player who drew this card pours as much of their drink as they want into the empty cup in the middle.

Queen – The player who drew this card gets to ask another person any question.

Ace – Waterfall! All players begin drinking at once and cannot stop until the person who picked it stops drinking.

Jokers – Wild Card—the player who drew it gets to choose any action listed above for everyone else at the table.

Once every single card has been drawn, whoever picks up the last card has to finish whatever is left in the cup in front of them. Congratulations! You have now completed one round of Ring Of Fire! Feel free to continue playing as many rounds as you would like; however, please be sure not to overconsume alcohol since alcohol consumption should always be done responsibly.


Ring of Fire is an easy-to-learn but high-energy drinking game that’s sure to liven up any gathering with friends. It requires minimal supplies (just some drinks and a deck of cards) and can be played very quickly – making it ideal for those parties where time is limited but people still want something fun to do!

So grab your friends, pour yourself some drinks, shuffle up those cards, and get ready for some wild times with Ring Of Fire! That said always remember that any activity involving alcohol should be done responsibly – know your limits and never drink more than you feel comfortable with. Have fun!