The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men

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We often associate weight loss with fat loss, and sometimes, when you’re trying to lose weight, the biggest challenge is to find the best workout to lose fat and gain muscle. Many men trying to burn fat will try absurd weight loss workout plans that require tons of heavy equipment, only to find out that they give up months later because it’s too difficult to follow the workout plan.

Keep in mind that weight loss shouldn’t be hard. Yes, it takes time and effort, but you shouldn’t push hard on yourself just to lose weight quickly. If you’re committed to achieving your weight loss goals, you should create a workout plan that includes healthy eating and lifestyle habits, not just focusing on lifting heavy weights.

That’s why you can see below a weight loss workout plan for men that you can easily follow and doesn’t leave you sore muscles or feeling hungry.

How to Create a Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men

Men want an easy solution when it comes to weight loss and toning the body. However, in order to achieve it, one must understand the proper way to lose weight.

Erik Pham, a health editor, shared his view that losing weight is a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Focusing only on one factor will result to slow progress and temporary results; instead, consider covering all these three things, and the results will show.

Plan your meal

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the recommended calorie intake of adult men ranges from 2,200 to 3,200 calories per day. However, if weight loss is the goal, you must cut your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories per day.

To achieve it, you have to reduce what you eat. Planning your meal can help you target the total required calories you need per day. Also, it can keep you fueled for workouts and promote healthy eating behaviors.

With an effective combination of high fiber and protein, your meal plan will help you lose fat, boost metabolism, and promote muscle growth. You should also add healthy fats to keep your body functioning properly.

It’s also important to avoid snacking, so if you feel the urge to snack, drink a glass of water. It does not help you feel full but is great with portion control.

Get enough sleep

Sleep also aids in weight loss. An average man requires at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to weight gain. This is how sleep plays a role in weight loss.

When you sleep, the hormones rebalance, and the hormone cortisol drops to its level. This stress hormone is high during the day, which prevents your body from producing all the important hormones.

In addition, sleep is also the time when your leptin and ghrelin level changes. These are hormones that have a specific role in your appetite. For instance, leptin is the hunger hormone that helps prevent overeating during the day. Its level reduces at night.

Meanwhile, ghrelin is the hormone that makes you feel full. The production of this hormone increases when you sleep, preventing hunger cravings; therefore, you will not consume more calories.

Consider intermittent fasting

According to, intermittent fasting is an eating pattern wherein you refrain from consuming calories for a specific period. Therefore, it’s very helpful if you’re trying to lose weight because it can balance out the days you’ve overeaten.

During this period, your body goes without food, and to cope with it, it will use stored body fats to convert them into energy. In effect, fasting helps burn fat without even exercising.

Set your fitness goals

Knowing the importance of sleep and eating a healthy meal is the perfect time to look at your weight loss goal. For instance, if you want to lose weight fast because you are preparing for a certain event, you have to reduce your calorie intake by knowing how much weight to lose.

For long-term weight loss, you may gradually change your eating habit until you are used to a sustainable low-calorie meal. Realistic goals are achievable and help you keep motivated as you create new lifestyle habits.

Make a workout schedule

Professional opinions featured on showed the importance of daily exercise when trying to drop pounds. However, besides regular exercise, a balanced diet and the right supplement also help.

There are different exercises for weight loss. You can make a diary for exercise so that you can try different activities each day. Try alternating routine of aerobic exercise with resistance training.

Aerobic exercise

These are exercises that get your heart racing, which is often referred to as cardio. These activities are light cardio and should be sustainable for a longer period, including:

●   Running

●   Cycling

●   Swimming

●   Walking

●   Jumping rope

●   Jumping jacks

●   Mountain climbers

●   Burpees

●   Butt kicks

●   Plank jacks

Resistance exercise

These exercises are considered anaerobic, wherein you don’t have enough oxygen in your body and can’t talk while doing the exercise. In general, resistance exercises are short but target the upper body, where the core is engaged in the routine.

Remember that these routines involve moving or following certain positions, such as arms straight or making leg press. Moreover, you don’t have to go to the gym since they require minimal workout equipment.

●   Dumbbell squats

●   Push-ups

●   Chest incline

●   Dumbbell shoulder press

●   Dumbbell row

After a workout, allow your body to rest and give your muscles and joints time for recovery and repair.

Foods to Eat to Lose Weight & Build Muscle

Losing fat while building muscle is the ideal goal when transforming the body. If you are looking for nutritious foods to lose weight, yet gain muscle, here are the foods you should include in your diet.

●   Full-fat dairy (Greek yogurt, cottage cheese)

●   Eggs

●   Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids (tuna, salmon, tilapia)

●   Protein powder

●   Lean meats (beef, chicken breast)

●   Brown rice

●   Quinoa and other whole grains

●   Nuts, beans, and legumes

The Bottom Line

Planning to shed extra pounds is a kind of big deal. However, to start effectively, you must make a workout plan. Of course, it’s not hard to find a weight loss workout plan for men because you can see many fitness programs on the internet.

However, with all the options available, choose a weight loss workout plan that you can strictly follow without giving you sore muscles, feeling of hunger, and pain. Follow our simple plan above and adjust accordingly.