CBD Gift Basket for Him


No matter the time of the year, it always feels like the gift-giving season. Year-round, there are birthdays, anniversaries, and other magical dates to contend with.

The sheer number of gifts and well-wishes to stay on top of can be really overwhelming. And while of course each one of us wants to make our loved ones happy, the stress of our daily lives and the compounding effect of the season of giving really doesn’t help.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry: there is no need for you to grab something out of the old hat of generic gifts just yet. We’ve done the hard work to present you with a lovely gift basket that’s suitable for just about any male figure in your life – from your partner to friends, family, and others.

We’ve chosen among our all-time favorite CBD products for recreation, health, and a long, happy life.

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CBD Gifts for Him

Botany Farms – Lifter


If you’re thinking of gift ideas for your special someone – whether it’s your partner’s birthday or your wedding anniversary – then check out some of these CBD gifts to surprise him with!

Whether he’s feeling down, has had a hard time at work, or just wants to unwind and let go, a good high-CBD Sativa strain like Lifter is the perfect pick-me-up.

With a sweet scent emanating notes of fresh fruit and an effects profile that combines euphoria with a lasting “happy high”, it’s no wonder where Lifter’s name came from!

Bubba Kush


Maybe you’re looking for something that can improve your man’s mood but also hits a little deeper – for example, for pain management or in the case of sleep problems, mood disorders, or other complications. In other words, what you might need is a therapeutic strain that’s fun enough for everyday use.

Enter Bubba Kush. Patterned after one of the most successful and well-regarded high-THC strains of all time, Bubba features extremely potent highs and full-body relaxation thanks to its strong Indica heritage and high cannabinoid concentration.

If your man has a sweet tooth, watch out: not only is Bubba Kush known for causing onsets of the infamous weed munchies, but the plant itself is also known for its sweet, chocolate-like taste!

Sour Elektra


To discourage him from binging, maybe a really pungent, heavy strain would be best. Our favorite Sour Elektra definitely ticks that box with its citrus-heavy flavor and spicy, fuel-like aftertaste, this is one better enjoyed in sips rather than downed shot after shot, if you catch our drift.

Thanks to Gorilla Glue genes, the Sour Elektra high is fairly heavy and relaxing, which makes it perfect for long afternoons and evenings to unwind.

CBD Gummies for Men

While any of the above CBD flowers will work wonders on your favorite man’s body and mind, smoking for sure isn’t for everyone. Particularly if he has a sensitive palate or throat or has never tried a CBD flower before, the experience can be excessively harsh and even ruin his enjoyment.

Thankfully, there is an easy remedy for that nowadays. Say hello to CBD gummies! These yummy little edibles don’t just make the CBD experience a ton easier, but also mitigate many of the less appetizing side effects of smoking.

Botany Farms CBD Gummies


One of the best examples of how to do CBD gummies right comes to us from Botany Farms, the esteemed brand behind many other CBD products dominating this list.

And for good reason: Botany Farms CBD Gummies are made using only high-grade, broad-spectrum hemp oil that preserves the taste, freshness, and unique effects of the original strain much better than other gummies can.

Your man will love the relaxing buzz these edibles can give without any of the scratchiness or coughing that comes with smoked herbs. Not to mention the lack of smell in the air, too!

To top it off, these CBD Gummies are surprisingly potent at 25 mg of pure CBD each, which makes them both excellent value as well as easy to dose. Available in eight fruity flavors, there’s plenty of variety in each box, too.

FOCL CBD Fruit Chews


Want the same sweet delight of those Botany Farms Gummies but without the sometimes overbearing high CBD content? FOCL has got you and your man covered with its CBD Fruit Chews. At 10 mg per dose, they’re a much gentler option suitable especially for beginners.

Like all FOCL products, they are made to exceptional standards with the utmost attention to the quality of their hemp extract. This makes the Fruit Chews among the best-tasting and purest gummies on the market – and they’re pretty light on the wallet too!

FOCL Premium CBD Gummies Trio


Our two top-rated contenders above balance potency for ease of use – but who says you can’t have a big load of both? FOCL proves that you can with their Premium CBD Gummies Trio.

A charming pack of three top-rated gummy flavors each rated at 25 mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, the Trio is not just highly potent, but most importantly fun.

Let your man choose from Mandarin Orange, Sour Watermelon, or Tropical Punch as he feels like – regardless, he’ll get to experience the kind of cerebral mood lift and full-body relaxation that only high-quality hemp CBD can offer.

CBD Oil for Men

Gummies may be convenient, but they face one major disadvantage. Because your body requires time to metabolize them, it can take quite a while for the effects to really kick in.

Sometimes, it can take an hour or two until you feel anything – by which point you might not be in the same mood anymore, to begin with!

What if the man of your dreams can’t stand the smoke of fresh CBD flower, but also can’t stomach that real pitfall associated with edibles, then there is one excellent alternative: CBD oils.

Trusted by millions worldwide, oils are actually among the most popular methods of administering CBD these days, especially for medical and therapeutic uses. When taken correctly, the effects arrive within 15 minutes or so.

Below, you’ll find a selection of some of our absolute favorites, sure to delight any man of fine taste!

Botany Farms Live Resin CBD + THC Tincture


If you’re reading this, you probably value your man very deeply – others would hardly go into such deep research for appropriate gifts otherwise.

For a present that matches your devotion to him in its dedication to exceptional quality, take a look at the Live Resin CBD + THC Tincture by Botany Farms.

The tincture is composed of two parts. One is a full-spectrum CBD extract that is of higher purity and greater quality than nearly anything else on the market, ensuring full retention of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Two, a shot of wholly organic, natural THC – up to 3 mg per dose compared to a whopping 50 mg of CBD. This combo makes the tincture one of our all-time top choices for treating pain, for instance.

The double whammy of CBD and THC is formulated just right to let your man’s body relax without inflicting any major side effects on the mind.

On top of that, Botany Farms continues to offer these tinctures at a highly attractive value for money when you consider how many one-drop doses fit into that diminutive bottle.

FOCL Drops


Available in bottles of 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 milligrams, FOCL’s CBD Drops are an incredibly well-contained package that boasts the brand’s trademark of high purity, environmental consciousness, and attention to detail.

Available in four fresh and sunny flavors including mint and strawberry lemonade, the CBD Drops are a fun and dead-simple addition to any meal or drink. We’re sure your man is going to love the sheer convenience alone, but what’s more, the Drops are formulated with additional extracts of organic stevia and MCT oil to further improve mental and physical relaxation.

CBD Oil Benefits for Males

We’ve been raving quite a bit about the best CBD oil products for men, but just what do they bring to the table, exactly? In the end, a lot of it comes down to the chemistry behind CBD itself.

Short of writing up a detailed explanation involving neuroscience and advanced microbiology, what we can tell you is that CBD acts on certain areas of our brains that are involved in regulating our moods, our sleep cycles, our sensations of pain and pleasure, and much more.

By accessing these hidden corners of the brain, CBD can do an incredibly powerful thing – make us feel better. It clears up our thoughts, lifts our moods, and allows us to enjoy life more easily. And what better gift to give your favorite man in the world than that?

CBD Gifts for Dad

We weren’t kidding when we said that Father’s Day is always around the corner. With that in mind, what do you choose for the old man’s most special anniversary of them all?

Of course, this is a very particular and personal question. For instance, pop could still have some fuzzy memories of sharing a joint during his twenties, which might or might not influence potential prejudices on his part about CBD.

On the other hand, we know plenty of power dads from around the world and across generations who praise CBD gifts like the ones below for exactly what they are – amazing, plant-based pick-me-ups that brighten up their days!

Sour Hawaiian Haze Pre-Roll


About that joint – think your old man would be up for a reunion with an old friend?

Pre-rolls are all the rage these days. They’re just what it sounds like; fresh cannabis flower (in this case a non-psychoactive, high-CBD strain) wrapped into a joint and pre-packaged for easy use.

Whether those fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be or your dad hasn’t rolled a joint since the 70s, pre-rolls like this one from Botany Farms are a perfect solution for (re-)introducing him to the joys of CBD.

The particular strain on offer here is Sour Hawaiian Haze, a longtime fan favorite that is known for its gentle euphoric effects and calming body-wide relaxation.

Super Sour Space Candy Pre-Roll


If dad is already at the point where he’s bragging about his tolerance levels and continuing to challenge himself with admittedly excellent, yet gentle strains like Sour Hawaiian Haze above, consider something more powerful – something like Super Sour Space Candy.  

With a funky taste that’s sure to delight his sensibilities and an effects profile that kicks as hard as the name implies, this pre-roll packs a lot more of a punch in the same one-gram format.

Perfect for dozing off after a long day or for treating chronic pain, the high CBD in this strain really shows off the cannabinoid’s strengths without succumbing to excess.

Gifts for CBD Lovers

Most of the recommendations above relate to giftees that have little to no experience using CBD. That’s fine, as we imagine that includes most people, and most men, out there.

But what about those who have already tasted and fallen in love with CBD?

A simple, easy “starter” kit will probably not suffice for the man with a finely-honed taste.

For that, we’ve assembled this completely separate roundup, featuring some of the most highly-rated and distinctive CBD flowers that should satisfy even the most discerning aficionado.

Super Sour Space Candy


Our first pick takes us back a few paragraphs. Yes, we already mentioned Super Sour Space Candy just before, but we couldn’t resist including it in this section, too. It’s that good.

A complex hybrid filled to the brim with fresh cannabinoids and an exciting, skunky terpene mix, this strain has experienced a meteoric rise to success that has made it popular both with newcomers as well as seasoned veterans.

It’s easy to see why, as 3SC straddles a line that very, very few CBD strains truly manage: being genuinely potent and thrilling to use while also remaining accessible enough to never overwhelm the senses of even the uninitiated.

Fruit Loops


For most men, the primary reason they like to experiment with CBD is to add some color and fun to their lives. Fruit Loops is exactly the kind of strain that embodies that mentality.

It’s obviously geared towards advanced users with its high potency and rather harsh taste, true. But at the same time, the effects provide nothing short of joy and pleasure – from total-body relaxation to a gentle wave of euphoria that clears the mind and titillates the senses.

Coming from a long line of Indicas, Fruit Loops also looks the part, with rich, dark buds that are full of brilliant, almost fluorescent hairs and lovely interplays of color.

Zombie Kush


There are always those guys for whom nothing is ever enough. Zombie Kush is the kind of strain made for those guys.

It would be an understatement to say that this is one of the most potent CBD flowers you can get in 2022. Looking at the numbers on paper is not nearly enough to understand just how hard this strain hits when you really put it to the test.

The name is no coincidence: Zombie Kush is said to transport its users into such a Nirvana-like state that they will simply flop onto the nearest plush surface and remain motionless for hours on end. Behind the scenes, fireworks go off in the mind while the body remains totally relaxed almost to the point of dissociation.

Definitely nothing for the faint of heart, Zombie Kush remains for many the holy grail of CBD strains. We agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly!

FOCL Hemp Bundle


For the ultimate CBD enthusiast, the perfect gift might not be just one hemp flower, even if it is among the best. How about a whole bunch of them instead? FOCL has got you and your man covered there with its exclusive Hemp Bundle.

Combining a mix of both FOCL’s distinctive premium hemp-based CBD extract as well as unique additional ingredients, the Bundle contains two bottles: “Day” and “Night”.

The former adds lion’s mane mushrooms, green tea extract, and rhodiola rosea to really fire up those neurons and blast through the working hours with endless energy on tap.

Meanwhile, Night features valerian root, hops flower, ashwagandha, passion flower, and other fully organic herbal extracts that have all been shown – just like CBD itself – to improve sleep patterns, promote healthy rest, and support brain health.

The Benefits of CBD Gift Baskets

CBD gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for someone special. Not only is it an easy way to provide them with lots of goodies in one package, but also there are plenty of potential health benefits to be had from using products containing CBD. From muscle tension relief to reduced anxiety levels, there are many reasons why people enjoy using products with this compound in them. Plus, it’s legal in most countries so you won’t have any worries about getting into trouble!

More than “just” one of the best CBD products, this Bundle effectively combines some of the best hemp extracts you can find with a terrific selection of herbal supplements that can enrich your man’s quality of life, make him happier, and allow him to really dedicate himself to a healthy lifestyle.