Things to Know About Cannabis Dispensaries Before You Go To One

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Cannabis dispensaries are recently getting more popular than ever, and before you decide to step foot into one, there are some things you should know. A cannabis dispensary also referred to as a marijuana dispensary, has been established because the law doesn’t allow cannabis products to be sold in pharmacies or any retail store.

Hence, the appearance of cannabis dispensaries. It allows the government to have full control over who is allowed to buy these products and for what reason. Basically, there are two uses for cannabis products; medical or recreational. However, for either reason, the purchase of cannabis products isn’t legal in all states.

So, before you decide to experience purchasing cannabis products legally, make sure you understand what product you want, for what reason, whether or not the state you’re in legalizes this purchase and prepare for the questions you’ll be asked.

What the budtender will ask you

A “budtender” is the salesperson for cannabis dispensaries. Think of him as a bartender, but for cannabis products. What people basically know about cannabis products is that they either treat a medical condition or are used for fun. And unlike Vodka, cannabis products are known for their “chill” effect on people.

Your goals with cannabis products

Surprisingly, there are plenty of marijuana strains you’ve probably never heard of, so it’s best that you clarify your goals with the product to the budtender so he can help you choose the right strain.

Some questions can be whether you want cannabis for a relaxed day, a concert, or if you’ll be drinking alcohol with it. Also, if you’re someone who gets anxious around people and would like something to soothe your anxiety.

There are so many factors that go into choosing the suitable strain for you and for the event. You’ll most likely see people having full-on conversations with the budtender. Things like what past experiences do you have with cannabis products, what did you like and didn’t like, what will you be smoking or drinking with it, or whether you’d like an uplifting or relaxing effect.

Therefore, be prepared to answer all kinds of questions.

Consider the paperwork they’ll need

There are a few things you’ll need to bring along to be able to purchase cannabis products legally in some states. For basics, you’ll surely need to have an ID with you. Depending on the state and reason of purchase, you must be of a certain age to be able to purchase from a cannabis dispensary. But, for the majority, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old if you’re purchasing for medical reasons, and at least 21 years old for recreational reasons.

If you’re purchasing for a medical reason, you’ll need to have other paperwork besides your ID such as the doctor’s prescription or any paperwork to prove your medical condition and your need for cannabis products.

Consider the side effects

Although the side effects of cannabis products aren’t as alarming as those of alcoholic beverages, there are still some effects to consider. According to drug abuse, there are short-term and long-term effects.

Starting with the short-term effects. There is a chemical called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that causes the psychological effects of cannabis products. When marijuana enters the human body, this chemical passes from the person’s lungs into his entire bloodstream.

THC influences certain brain receptors, hence, activates some parts of the brain and making people have this “high” sensation. It could also cause a number of effects such as impaired memory, fluctuations in anxiety levels, inability to think clearly, or mood changes. In addition to hallucinations and delusions if the person takes a high dosage.

Moving on to long-term effects. Because THC affects certain brain receptors, it can alter the brain’s development process if taken regularly over long periods of time. It could cause someone to have a foggy brain most of the time, a weak memory, or damages learning functions.

Know what you’re comfortable with before buying

You can’t return a cannabis product once you purchase it from a dispensary. So, understand what you’re comfortable with before making an impulsive purchase. As a rule of thumb, be open to new experiences, but have a limit.

If you’re trying a new product, you can ask for a small or sample amount to try. Because if you try it and don’t enjoy the experience, you can’t go back and return it which is a good thing and a bad thing; since you’ll know more about what you like and what you don’t, but you’ll have wasted your money.

So, understand what you’re comfortable with, be open to new experiences (but not too much), have the suitable paperwork with you, and buy a suitable amount since you can’t travel with cannabis products, and you surely don’t want to waste product.