4 Tips For A Successful Video Chat First Date

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As many parts of the world are still at a standstill with many social activities, this means that even dating may have to adjust to modern times, too. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean putting dating aside. You can still ‘go out into the world’ and meet new potential dates. But instead of going on a physical date, you may have to settle with a video chat set up for now.

Do you have one coming up? Perhaps the prospect of it now scares you. When you think of video chats, there may be the usual mishaps that are on your mind—connectivity issues, awkward poses, and worse, long periods of silence. Then, there’s also the dilemma as to how you’re going to keep things interesting despite the screen barrier.

Read on below to make your video chat first date a fun rendezvous as if you’re still on a face-to-face date.

1. Set Up Your Camera Ahead Of Time

The last thing you’ll want is to have prepared all that you can for your first date and then later on go through some technical glitches with your camera. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve been consistently using your camera for virtual meetings for work or school. But if it’s been too long since you’ve launched video chat apps like https://coomeet.com and others with your camera, you may need to set it up ahead of time.

This step doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as easy as doing a trial call with your best friend using the video chat app and smartphone device you’ll use for your date. That way, you can be sure it’s the latest version and your camera won’t have any glitches. Otherwise, all those preparations you’ve made will be futile when you appear pixelated to your date.

2. Choose Your Location Well

Don’t hold your video chat first date in a noisy coffee shop. As much as possible, you’ll want to stay at home during your date to ensure a stable Internet connection. And you can also be free from any noise and other distractions.

Whether your home is small or you have lots of rooms to choose from, be mindful about choosing your location well. Go for that area in your home where you have the best natural light possible. Then, opt for one with a pleasant background as well. The ideal spot for your video chat date should be one that allows you to stand out well for your date not to lose their focus on you.

3. Maintain The Same ‘First Date’ Mindset

Every single individual who has gone on multiple dates in the past will agree that they respectively have what’s called a ‘first date’ mindset. It’s what you do and think about, so you can put your first date off on a boosted start. 

For instance, do you have a signature perfume that allows you to have that boost of confidence? Or perhaps a routine to set you off on a good day? Whatever it is that you do as you prepare for a first date, keep the same mantra and mindset even if you’re only going on a video chat first date.

Do whatever you can to make you feel like you’re on top of your game for this first date. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste the first five minutes of your date troubled about whether or not you’re prepared enough for this virtual first date.

4. Dress As You Would On An In-Person Date

The fact that you’re having your first date through video chat shouldn’t be an excuse for you to dress sloppy. Yes, your date will only see the upper part of your outfit. But it can always be your boost of confidence when you look good from top to bottom.

When you dress up for your video chat first date, you can avoid those ‘accidents’ where you suddenly stand up or walk around to reach for a drink, only to show your old, worn-out pajamas. This is no way to impress your date.

Dressing up as you would on a first date also creates that positive impression that you came prepared for your date and that you’re taking this seriously.


Whether you like it or not, dates through video chat are now a part of the new normal. But if this is your first time trying out one, it’s normal to feel those butterflies in your tummy. You’re nervous and you may not even know what to say or do. Like any other first date, it doesn’t hurt to do advanced preparation. Let the tips above guide you. It may be all you need to breeze through your video chat first date and land a second date.