Thinking About Getting Braces? Here Is What You Need to Know Before You Do

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Getting braces used to be associated with the awkwardness that comes with young age. Now that many people understand the benefits of getting braces, a lot more are doing so. It is not uncommon to now see adults wearing braces out in the open. This has largely been due to the advancements made in orthodontic technology, such as the development of clear braces and aligners. New procedures have also enabled those who could not get braces in the past to get them now. If you are thinking of getting braces for health reasons or to improve your smile, here are a few things you should know before you get started.

How Braces Work

Braces are dental tools that are used to correct several dental issues including crowding, misalignment, or crooked teeth. Although many people get braces in their teenage years, more adults are starting to see their benefits and getting them at a later age.

So, how do braces work? Well, braces are made out of ceramic or metal, wires, and a bonding agent that attaches the braces to the teeth. As you wear the braces, they slowly pull, straighten, and align your teeth so you can have a normal bite, straighter teeth, and a better smile.

There are Different Types of Braces

When thinking about how braces work, you also need to know that there are different types of braces. Metal braces are a traditional and popular option. They work well with the downside that they are visible, so they are not great for those looking for an aesthetic option.

Ceramic braces are often made to match your teeth colours perfectly, so they are practically invisible apart from the wire that joins them. Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces but are fitted to the inside of the teeth. Clear braces have become a popular option over the past few years because they are a lot less visible than metal braces.

Each brace type costs differ depending on the orthodontist as well as where you choose to have the braces fitted. Straight My Teeth has UK prices for most braces. Straight My Teeth provides custom clear aligners at the most affordable price in the UK. You can fit the aligners yourself thanks to an at home impression kit or let one of their dentists take 3D impressions at their Smile Studio.

You Can Get Braces at Any Age

A common misconception about braces is that you can only get them when you are younger. Braces are available for people of all age groups and if you are older and looking to straighten your teeth, you are invited to the club.

Studies have shown that the number of adults getting braces is rising. This is because adults pay for the braces themselves, they take better care of their braces and teeth than teenagers do. They also stay on top of their treatments and often wear braces longer than younger people on average because they understand the value of a good smile.

Braces Do More Than Straighten Your Teeth

Many of the people who get braces do it so that the braces can straighten their teeth. What many people do not realise is that braces do a lot more than straighten the teeth. Braces can also be used to correct your bite. Overbites, underbites, and crossbites happen when your top and bottom teeth do not align perfectly, making it harder to bite something.

Fixing your bite can help reduce wear on the teeth, remove tension from your jaws, prevent future dental issues, and even improve your speech in some cases.

Everyone’s Timeline is Different

Although your orthodontists will try to give you an estimate of how long your treatment should take, there is no way to set a hard timeline. This is because your timeline may be affected by factors that the orthodontist cannot yet see, such as your diet, lifestyle, and underlying dental issues that might not have been caught in time. Sometimes the teeth also do unexpected things by themselves, and those can have a serious effect on your treatment schedule.

You Need To Maintain Stellar Dental Hygiene

Food can get stuck in your braces, and this is why those wearing braces are asked to brush their teeth after every meal. It is always a good idea to consume foods that are friendly to your braces such as milkshakes and juices during the day may also help with this problem.

Braces are no longer for teenagers and young adults looking to have a better smile. Technology has advanced to the point where almost anyone can wear braces. That is a good thing, as adults who want braces now have a wide selection of brace types to choose from.