Big Apple to Host 2021 CoinGeek Conference

There’s no better place to host the 2021 CoinGeek Conference than the financial hub of the world, New York City. This event promises to be among the best yet. It will showcase, as it has always done, all the latest innovations, enhancements, news, and new developments with the BSV blockchain. This year’s theme is ‘It’s About Time’, which is perfectly suited to what will be shared. There are numerous solutions being built on the BSV platform that allow for institutions to change how they do business now and in the future. These include iGaming, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Finance to name a few. All of this is possible on the BSV blockchain because of its inherent ability to scale limitlessly, security, stability, speed of transactions, and low-cost processing.


Businesses, investors, developers, coders, and anyone with an interest in what the future holds on the blockchain are encouraged to participate in person or virtually. Assuming the pandemic does not interfere with having a public audience, the panel discussions and breakout sessions are a great opportunity to interact and connect. The virtual sessions also invite watchers to participate and ask questions of the esteemed panelists. 

The Bitcoin Association run by nChain will unveil the winners of the BSV Hackathon which is currently underway. Teams and individuals are competing for their share of $100,000 USD, paid in BSV, as well as bringing innovative and real-world solutions to life. Many past winners and participants have seen their ideas come to life in the form of successful businesses such as TonicPow and Briteview.

It’s not just learning about Bitcoin, which attendees are guaranteed. There are numerous opportunities built-in to the conference to have informal interactions and opportunities to converse with experts. Connecting is an important aspect for resources and future partnership possibilities. Past participants revealed how easy it was to meet and discuss BSV with experts like nChain’s Chief Scientist and creator of Bitcoin Dr. Craig S. Wright and other individuals they would not have access to otherwise.

It’ great timing for this event with all the news surrounding cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. New laws are coming with a lot of regulation that will soon govern what happens with everything from individual transactions to exchanges and how they operate. The good news is that BSV is prepared while it’s unfortunate that other platforms are not. There will be plenty of sharing of updated information on this topic at the conference.

You can find out more information and register to attend on the CoinGeek Conference website.